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Google messages will remind you of SMS by reading and getting more secure


Google is on the way to bringing two new features to its native messaging app. The first one is being tested and it’s a reminder system. If the user receives an sms and does not read it, the application will remind you of it every hour.

Users can enable this option in the application settings. When the user receives the message notification, they will have a third option besides “Mark as read” or “Reply”. The user can mark “Remember me in 1 hour” so that the application remembers to read the SMS in question.

The function already exists since Android Oreo but not natively in the app

If you have a phone with Android Oreo or higher, you certainly already know this function. The point is that phones with older versions of Android had no access because the operating system could not support.

With this update, Google ensures that Messages brings the feature natively. Therefore, any user who installs the application has access to the functionality.

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Message verification contributes to increased security

Surely you have already received SMS advertising from companies or stores. In this sense Google is testing a security function to verify the veracity of the messages you receive. With so many frauds out there, it’s easy to fool users with malicious fraudulent SMS.

This function will also be completely optional, having to be activated in the options. If you opt for this extra layer of security, Google will ask for your mobile number for verification and authentication.

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