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Google Maps will soon let you navigate in ‘private mode’


During Google I / O, the company presented a huge focus on its privacy policies and new tools that it will soon make available to its users. This is an important strategy, since most of your services rely directly on information collected from your users.

One of your applications that will receive important news is Google Maps, which will provide an ‘Incognito Mode’, similar to what happens in Google Chrome. This mode will allow the user to enjoy all the features of the application, without any information being shared with Google.

Google Maps is one of Mountain View’s services that depends on the information collected. So you can run many of its features, as well as route suggestions, restaurants, shops and more. However, in many situations, users may feel the need to conduct a survey or travel, privately.

Google Incognito mode will have easy access for all

First of all, it is important to note that this feature is not yet available. During your presentation on Google I / O, it was only revealed that it will be implemented soon.

Still, we found out how it could be activated. You can now find the profile image of your Google account in the upper left corner of the screen, just like in many other company apps. By clicking on the image you will have direct access to the list of accounts where you are active. Once this feature is activated, you will find the option to activate ‘Incognito Mode’, replacing your image by the typical black silhouette with a hat.

Google Privacy

Google wants to win the confidence of its users

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the vast majority of Google services depends on the information collected so they can function at 100%. That’s why it’s important for users to trust the company, and to continue to grant access to their information.

To try to regain the trust of millions of users again, Google continues to work on the development of new privacy control tools. Recall that recently announced the arrival of a new feature that allows the automatic deletion of search data and browsing the internet.

This way, users can feel more secure in using their services, feeling less tempted to totally deny the company’s access to their data.

Pooja Kaintura
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Google makes it easier for people to control their privacy by creating privacy features for all users

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