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Google Maps shortcut leaves 100 drivers ‘trapped’ in the mud!


On Monday, more than 100 drivers were stranded on a mud-covered road. After Google Maps makes a serious error, trying to avoid congestion in an accident on the way to the international airport of Denver, Colorado (USA).

Google Maps is one of the most useful Google applications, allowing you to navigate anywhere in the world without any problem. Its features are increasingly advanced, helping you find the best restaurants, bar ratings, most popular places of interest and more.

Google Maps Fail

In terms of its navigation base functionality, it is increasingly evolved, having received many functionalities over the last few months. However, like any other technology, we can not rely 100% on all its indications.

The fault is not Google Maps, but the users

It’s very easy to blame Google Maps, or Google, for what happened. Certainly most of the users who ended up ‘stuck’ in the mud did. However, the fault lies more on them than the navigation application.

Applications such as Google Maps and Waze are already so ‘ingrained’ in our daily lives that we already use them even when we do not need directions. Often, although we know the exact directions of how to travel from point A to point B, we follow any indication given by Maps.

Google Maps Fail

In this case, everything seemed normal for a detour although they were on a fairly isolated road, but Maps had half the time to reach the destination. The problem was when the tar road in good condition turned into a single-lane dirt road.

But as Google Maps ‘is always right’, drivers continued on autopilot following the directions of the application. To make things worse, over the weekend it rained hard, turning that road into a real trap.

Pooja Kaintura
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