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Google Introduces New Rules For Apps On The Play Store

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Google has been increasingly tightening the rules for all applications available on the Play Store. The basic idea of ​​the company is to make its users have their data and privacy more secure.

Today the technological giant announces new rules for the applications present in its store. Among the novelties, we must highlight a greater restriction in the use of the location of the smartphone and greater clarification about apps that require subscriptions.

Applications that want to use your location will not have an easy life

When launching the first test version of Android 11, Google announced new rules for the use of location data. From now on, any application that wants to use this information will have to be approved by Google.

Basically, an app that constantly collects data in the background will be blocked by the technology. The main idea is that they no longer have access to data that could violate users’ right to privacy.

In contrast, apps like social media that share your location with friends or emergency services apps will be approved. In these cases, the collection of this data may prove to be important for those who use it.

Subscriptions will need to be more explicit

Another of the measures applied today is related to apps that have subscription services. From now on, that information will have to be very informative for all users.

Google wants all developers to explain unambiguously what the user will gain by opting for a subscription. Information such as prices, frequency of payments and perks cannot raise any doubts.

In apps that offer trial periods, all associated information must be clear. This includes the trial periods, what they offer, costs to continue using the app or how to cancel.

In short, Google wants programmers to be clear in the information that passes through the Play Store. Rules that will have to be applied by everyone until June 16th.

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