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Google Gmail will change the face and get more colorful


When we look at Google services, there is a predominance of blue, red, yellow, and green in their colors. This is notorious on Maps, Chrome, or Photos. But Gmail was an exception to this rule so far.

Google’s email client was previously known for having an envelope like a logo. But now it will be changed to an ‘M’ with the aforementioned four colors that characterize Google.

This is a change with a focus on continuity. Red continues to dominate, and the ‘M’ shape continues to invoke the envelope that will certainly not displease the purists.

G Suite changes its name to Google Workspace

This change does not come alone, it is part of Google’s business ecosystem – the G Suite. This is now called Google Workspace and intends to integrate apps like Gmail, Chat, or Documents into one.

Google is known for abandoning services and is constantly changing products and names. But this time the change seems to be effective for the better, and with greater unification.

For the average user, the new logo will be just a design detail. However, it certainly helps to better root the Google brand in your email client, adding colors that everyone knows.

Lizzie Kristina
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