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Google Gboard receives several new features with the new update!


The Google Gboard is one of the most popular keyboards for Android smartphones, much thanks to its great evolution over the last few years. Today, a new update has been made available for the keyboard, which comes to implement several new features that you will surely like.

First, in the case of being one of the lucky ones to have access to Android Q, the keyboard will go on to support the new Emoji 12.0 that were recently presented by the Unicode Consortium. Still with regard to Emoji, all users will start to explore their list with vertical scroll instead of horizontal.

So far, the look displayed by the Google Gboard navigation bar was only in two shades (white or black). After the new update, it will adapt according to the theme you have selected. In this way, the whole look of the keyboard will become much more homogeneous.

Google Gboard becomes even more productive in its new version

This new update will bring to all users some news that had already been implemented in the beta. Now you’ll be able to clear your search history with just an extended click on the suggested tip and you’ll have a easier way to the clipboard .

I would remind you that this last feature can prove to be extremely useful and can greatly increase the time you spend using Google Gboard.

As we’ve already seen in the beta version of Google Gboard, this update also implements the tool to import / export the words from your personal dictionary. This is another tool that can boost your productivity when used correctly.

Get the most out of the keyboard on your Android smartphone

With the increasing importance of smartphones in our everyday lives, so has the frequency with which we have to use your keyboard. Whether it’s emailing, writing messages in WhatsApp or even conducting surveys, if you master all the little tricks of the Google Gboard, you’ll be able to save a lot of time!

While many of these little tricks may seem extremely basic, they are also extremely useful. Because they are so simple, they go unnoticed by most users. So here are some great tips to get the most out of Google Gboard .

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