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Google Gboard has new design in the new update (APK Download)


The Google Gboard keyboard has just had a new update that changes its design radically. Although there is not a lot to change on a keyboard, the new lines completely escape the minimalism that we have long been used to the most used keyboard in Android.

The Gboard is one of the fastest, fluent and elegant keyboards you can have on your smartphone. The new update continues to deliver all of this but with slightly different lines from what we’re used to.

Google Gboard
On the left the new design, direct the old

The Google Gboard differences in the new update

The keyboard now has rows facing all keys (as preset). We no longer have a flat tint without “relief”. The little reveal on the keys reminds me of the iPhones keyboard. I do not consider it a disadvantage though, I liked the other design more.

However, it’s not all about the keys. Google Gboard now also has a new tonality in predictive text. This allows the user to see more clearly what the suggested words are and what corrections he has to make to what he is writing.

Google is working seriously on predictions

If so far the keyboard learned with you in the predictions, now we have a keyboard that learns from the whole world. Google said in its presentation of Google I / O last Tuesday (7-05) that the Gboard will reach your already intelligent hand. This is because he will begin to suggest predictions of text that have been written by millions of others.

Install the new keyboard version

To install the new version of the keyboard you have two options. Either wait for the update in the Play Store or install through APK. However, even after installing APK you may not yet see the new design. You’ll need to have the new version for the design to appear, however, only after Google does it through the server. In summary, download the new update and if you do not have the new design look forward to it like I do.

Download APK here

Google Gboard

To install the Gboard APK click on the icon above and wait a few seconds. (If you have our application and you can not download through the browser)

Soon after downloading you just have to click on the “full download” notification and follow the installation steps. You may need to give Drive permission to install applications if you’ve never done this before. After that you only have the typical “next” and “install”. It’s done.

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