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Google fixes bug in Nest cameras that might be spying on you


There have been reports that Nest cameras used to be the door for others to spy on their users . Given this scenario, Google has already mentioned that this issue is resolved.

This fix will thus terminate a problem that would jeopardize the privacy of users of Nest security cameras. A problem that was affecting those who owned one of these second-hand cameras.

Update for Nest cameras will be made available automatically

Google has said that a fix for the detected problem is now complete. This will be made available automatically to all users of a Nest camera.

Nest Camera

Since it’s automatic distribution, you will not have to worry about anything. Once this fix is ​​available, it will be downloaded and installed on your camera, even without your intervention.

Nest’s used cameras were the source of the problem

All this began last week when a user realized that he still had access to the images of the Nest camera he had sold. This was true even after he had made a factory restoration to his chamber before it was sold.

The problem appeared to be related to Wink Smart Home software. In case the previous owner still owns this program installed, the probability of continuing to have access to the images of his sold camera was enormous.

On the side of those who had bought the used camera, there was not much to do to prevent this breach of privacy. In fact, the user would not even know that the previous owner was able to access their images.

Also last February Google found itself grappling with another problem involving its Nest security cameras. In this case, the US company omitted the fact that its security systems incorporate a microphone.

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