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Google Chrome is even more secure for Android and iOS


The most popular browser in the world, Google Chrome, is introducing a range of new security measures with the new version 86, now available for desktop and for Android and iOS mobile devices. The novelties come to simplify the lives of users.

The new Chrome 86 distribution includes several security enhancements for the desktop version and for mobile devices. More specifically, Android and iOS also have password protection and warning service.

Google Chrome 86 is safer!

Google Password Checkup

Integrated into the Android and the iOS mobile browser is Google’s password management service. Originally launched in 2019 and similar to the Password Checkup of Mountain View technology, it is a useful tool.

From now on, when using Chrome for mobile devices, we will be alerted if one of the saved passwords has been compromised. In that event, the user will be asked to take the necessary steps to resolve the situation.

Furthermore, right after the alert of a possible security breach is displayed, the user can change the password. The option will be presented succinctly and quickly so that no time is spent remedying possible threats.

A listing of the places and circumstances in which the password in question has been used will also be presented so that the user is properly and timely informed.

News improvements with Google Chrome 86

To check if any of the passwords have been compromised, Google will start to check an encrypted copy of them, passing them through various filters and mechanisms that, in short, will verify their integrity.

At the same time, and in order to guarantee user privacy, Google will not know exactly what the password or username is, among other credentials, dealing only with an encrypted copy of this authentication data.

The objective of Google, now implemented in version 86 of Chrome, is to constantly watch and alert the user to potential security breaches. Attention here is given to the credentials, authentication data, of those who use Chrome.

Safety Check also on Google Chrome for Android and iOS

Google security

Google Chrome 86 also comes with Advanced Safe Browsing or Enhanced Safe Browsing that applies a real-time security guard to Android users. Strengthens protection against phishing, malware, and unsafe websites.

The new security option checks the presence of questionable behavior on the websites, in addition to seeing if any downloads start without user action. To this is added the verification of HTTP content on HTTPS sites, among other actions.

As far as they are concerned, Apple users will have a unique role in Google Chrome. From now on, on iOS, they will be able to use Face ID, Touch ID, or password to enable/disable the credential manager integrated with the browser.

Finally, Google has announced that it will gradually bring more security features and controls to your browser for Android and iOS. Among the promised novelties are more alerts for security controls and other modules.

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