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Google and Facebook in Trouble! You Will Have to Pay to Show News


Australia is the latest country to implement a measure that Google and Facebook do not like. Through the country’s competition and consumer commission, technology companies will have to pay local newspapers to display their news.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says “it is only fair that the creator of the content is paid for it”. Frydenberg also says that he knows that companies are not willing to pay for the news that is displayed on their platforms. Thus, it was necessary to create a law that obliges them to do so.

In the past, Spain and France have also placed orders similar to Facebook and Google, through the Google News platform. This code of conduct did not make Google happy at all.


Google responded with dissatisfaction, mentioning the COVID-19

In an interview with Engadget, Google says it is disappointed with Australia’s decision. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, ad revenues are falling, and news platforms should work together with Google, instead of applying these sanctions.

Google News could be the next addition to “Google Cemetery”

As mentioned, the Google News platform closed completely in Spain, when deciding to pay news sources. Google News has not been reactivated since then, nor does it appear to have any plans to do so.

If more countries begin to take this step, Google may end up limiting the reach of Google News, at least in Europe. The platform remains relevant in the United States, but could be “dead” in Europe.

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