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Gmail: Learn how to schedule an email to be sent simply and quickly


Google recently introduced the ability to schedule email in Gmail. Its programming is simple and fast, yet still unknown to many.

That being the case, nothing better than teaching you the best way possible with images. This feature is present for PC, Android and iOS. Just confirm that you have the updated Gmail app and the latest version on your phone.

Schedule email sending in Gmail via PC

  1. Open an email
  2. Fill in the email (as usual)
  3. Click the arrow next to “Submit”
  4. Schedule the day and time
  5. Click “Schedule Shipping”

Schedule email in Gmail via smartphone

  1. Open Gmail
  2. Fill in the email (as usual)
  3. Click on the 3 points next to the send arrow
  4. Click on “schedule shipping”
  5. Schedule the time

If you want to be answered quickly, schedule the sending of the email

This is a trick I do several times. When I have to send an email but it is late or we are entering the weekend, usually by sending the delivery to the beginning of the working time of the person who will receive it.

When someone arrives from weekend to work and has up to 40 emails to read, you’ll be right there in the middle. However, if you send in the morning as soon as the person is in front of the PC, the probability of being responded to immediately is much greater.

You will never forget to send an email again

This is also a technique I use regularly. Sometimes we even need to respond to an email but we do not want to be forgotten in the mailbox. People usually wait until the day and send. However, forgetting takes over us. This way you just have to schedule and never forget.

Shivam Singh
Founder of the TechGrits, has always looked at technology as a piece of knots. From an early age connected to the technological world, this is literally your dream job.

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