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Gmail Gets a New Feature That Only Google Can Do!


Gmail is Google’s email application and one of the most used in the world. Personally I love Gmail for its simplicity, intelligence and, above all, better Spam management.

Still, the application will get even better with a new feature that will give you details of your purchases and trips like never before.

Google will give the details of your trip in Gmail

Google Gmail

The new feature will have the details of a trip directly to the email. That is, you will not need to open a PDF file sent by the airline to know everything you need before and during your trip.

In the image of the new feature, we can see that we will have details such as the time of the flight, the duration of the trip, the estimated time of landing or even your place on the plane. All of this, as I mentioned, when opening just one email.

This is one of the biggest advantages of this small update of Gmail and something that, for now, only Google and the intelligence of Gmail can do.

Purchases will also be detailed

Google Gmail

Another feature that also seems to be coming details on the purchases you make online. At this time we only have the details of purchases made on the Google Play Store and paid for with Google Pay, however, it is believed that Google can do the same for other online purchases. After all, artificial intelligence just needs to “read” the email and explain it to you more quickly.

Gmail is increasingly a reference in email applications

I have used dozens of email services, however, Google has been the one that most evolved its service. Gmail has smart writing that predicts what you’re going to write, it has unique Spam management and now with these new features, it stands out again from the competition. If you haven’t used Gmail yet, it’s time to do so.

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