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Gmail, Drive and other Google services are in trouble!

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If you’re having trouble accessing some Google services, then you’ll be glad you’re not the only one. Since late afternoon today several Google services are facing some problems.

Among those affected we can talk on Youtube, Gmail, Drive, Analytics or even Google search. These issues are affecting both your web versions and their applications.

Problems spread over several countries

It was at the end of today that the reports on the DownDetector website began to emerge. In a matter of minutes the reports reached the thousands. The complaints cover a wide range of Google services, which demonstrates that the problem will be effectively on the side of the US company’s servers.

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Locations affected by Google services issues

These reports spread across several countries, from Europe, USA, South America and Asia. So we can see that this is a problem that is having an impact worldwide and will vary according to the location of the users.

The causes of the problem are still to be discovered

Google reports that everything is a problem on your network. This explains why it is a problem that is simultaneously affecting several countries.

Those in charge of the company are already doing their best to solve all the problems. Your resolution will be your number one priority, so we believe that everything will return to normal as soon as possible.

What can you do in the meantime?

Honestly there is not much to do at this point. Since the problem appears to be on the side of Google’s servers, we can only hope that everything will be resolved.

If you are one of those who is being affected by the problems in Google services, it is best to wait for the company to solve its causes quickly.

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