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Gamers will be able to trade their PCs for other platforms in the next few years


A new report from Jon Peddie Research says many of those who use the PC for gaming may change their minds. In fact, this report predicts that over the next five years about 20 million of these users will be able to migrate to services using television.

In services that use the television for this purpose we can include the consoles or the new platforms of streaming, like the Google Stadia. This phenomenon is due in particular to the growth we are witnessing in the proliferation of this type of services.

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In addition, the same report states that stagnation that has occurred in the development of hardware for PCs will contribute to this scenario. Not to mention the options of some producers that seem to give more precedence to the consoles than to the PC in the launch of its new titles.

Gaming paradigm may change over the next five years

While 20 million migrants may appear to be high numbers, things may not be that drastic. Analyst Ted Pollack told PCWorld that 20 million represent only 3% of the 550 million that use the PC for this purpose. In contrast, other sources argue that gaming on this platform will be around 1.3 billion users.

In any case, the 20 million migrants will always be a small percentage of the universe we are considering. Even so, this phenomenon should not be overlooked by the responsible entities.


This is a clear indicator of the changes that have taken place in the technological world in recent years. Users are becoming less and less attached to a platform and streaming services will certainly be a potentiator of this paradigm.

With services like the Google Stadia, a single device to play your titles is no longer mandatory. As long as you have an internet connection you will have access to your games and all the progress in them.

So it does not matter if you’re in your house or at a friend’s house. As long as you have a connection with a certain speed you will have access to your games and this is something that will drive the players of the PCs that forces them to be attached to a specific location.

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