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Galaxy S10, S10e, S10 Plus: 11 tips to get the best out of your top of the line

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Having a new smartphone in your hands is certainly a pleasant experience. But many users get lost with all the new possibilities that this new handset offers. That’s why TecGrits listed 11 tips to help you get the most out of your Galaxy S10 , S10e or S10 Plus .

Tips that help you get rid of Bixby, hide the notch, use system gestures and many others. And you do not need any third-party app for them, it’s all available on your Galaxy as it comes out of the box and you do the initial setup. Just give the play in the video above and if you are in doubt, see the text below how to get where you want.

1. Night Mode

1. Night Mode

Let’s get straight to one of the most sought after features, the Night Mode. It is very easy to activate this option, which leaves the menus and some screens of the system with dark background and helps save battery in this device with AMOLED screen.

To activate, just go to the settings panel, scroll down a second time and look for Night Mode here. Touching the icon will activate it directly. If you touch the text, you have access to more options then going into detail. You can activate only during a period of the day or leave always on. Do as you wish and that’s it.

By the way, by speaking in the quick settings panel, you can edit the displayed items by removing or adding shortcuts and even changing the order by tapping the menu with three vertical dots and selecting Button Order.

If you want, you can also choose Navigation Bar and choose from a limit of up to three notifications up there or show them all. And you can also activate the percentage of the battery here.

2. Sign in quick notifications panel

2.  Sign in quick notifications panel

Did you know that you can access this notifications panel more quickly? But first, we’ll teach you an easier method of accessing home screen settings, which does not have to be touching and holding in an empty area. Just make a tweezer move on the screen.

Now touch home screen settings and turn on the Quick Open Notifications panel. With it enabled, simply slide down any point on the home screen to access your notifications.

3. Screenshot

3. Screenshot

One function that many people have doubts about is the screen capture. Samsung likes to offer simple means for you to take the picture from your screen. In addition to holding the power and volume buttons down, you have a gesture for this: just move your hand, leaning against the screen, of course, from side to side. Works from any side and on any screen.

With the capture taken, you can make some edits or extend the amount of information on rolling screens. In case you do not want these options, you can disable them in Advanced Features. The post-capture options are Smart Capture while the gesture is in Moves and Gestures> Slide the side of the hand to capture.

And there’s still another way to do screen print. Simply include smart selection on the edge. The interesting thing is that in these options you can capture only part of the screen. And even create an animated GIF of some video.

4. Edge Panel

Speaking of the edge panel, you can also deactivate if you think it gets in the way too much. Just access the edge screen settings and disable this button here. But there it is good to remember that you will not have to capture a piece of the screen and create animated GIFs.

5. Disable Bixby

5. Disable Bixby

Now some tips for those who do not like Bixby. You can hide the virtual assistant so you do not bump into it in almost any moment. First, let’s disable Bixby Home.

Make that pinch gesture on the home screen and slide to the left. Disable the option at the top of the screen, easy and fast. There, you’ll never need to see this screen full of unhelpful information again.

Now let’s remap the wizard button. To do this, it must first be activated and configured. For this, it is necessary to have a Samsung account. There, use the button for the last time to access the Bixby Voice screen and tap the three-point vertical menu to access the settings.

Go to the Bixby key and activate the double-tap. If you want, you can just activate this option and you’re done. The button will only work if you press twice. Or squeeze and hold.

Now, if you want to remap to open some app of your choice or a quick command, just tap to use single touch. Select the application you want and you’re done. A new shortcut comes up.6. Screen colors

6. Screen colors

Umd that can annoy some users is the calibration of the colors on the screen. But you can make some adjustments to OneUI.

Scroll to the Display options and touch Screen mode. The natural mode is a bit more orange, we recommend the Vivid option. What’s more, it delivers advanced white balance settings so you can calibrate the way you want it to, whether it’s warmer or colder.

7. Gestures and hide navigation bar

7. Gestures and hide navigation bar

While we are in a transition phase on Android devices, with a new way to navigate the system via gestures. To enable this option on your Galaxy S10 – or another Galaxy already with OneUI – go to the quick settings and tap on the shortcut text navigation bar.

You can quickly enable the fullscreen gestures option, but we’ll see more details. When you activate the option in this new screen, you have a brief tutorial. The central bar will take you home. The one on the right is back, and the one on the left hits the screen for recent apps, always sliding from the bottom up.

If you prefer, or when you are more accustomed to these new shortcuts, you can permanently hide the bars here in Gesture Tips option. You can also change the order of the shortcuts by switching the Back and Recent Apps – which is good for both these gestures and the navigation bar buttons.

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8. Always on Display

8. Always on Display

And if you like Always on Display, that is, from always having the clock or an image on the screen of your Galaxy S10, OneUI has changed a little how it behaves, but you can make adjustments.

By default, it is activated with just one touch of the screen. To always be active – or turn off once -, go to the quick settings and tap the always on display text. Here, you can activate or deactivate, or select to always be on or display according to pre-set time.

By touching on details, there are more options of appearance. Then you make the adjustments you like best.

9. Framing pictures with help from the AI

9. Framing pictures with help from the AI

And now let’s go to the camera. Touching the settings, you can make various adjustments, such as activating the grid on the screen, moving pictures, save in RAW (Here to save options), which modes you want active to access when sliding here on the main screen HDR options. .

But what we want to show is this second option: suggestions of photography. With it on, the device will do a scene analysis to suggest which frame is best for your photo. It’s cool and, although it takes a while, it can help you get the best landscape pictures and even large groups.

10. Flashlight Levels

10. Flashlight Levels

We’re getting to the end of our tips, with some more cool yet, so stay with us. Now, let’s see some options that few people know about the flashlight. Go to the quick settings menu and touch the flashlight text.

See that you have a brightness setting from 1 to 5. This adjusts the light intensity. Level 5 is much stronger and can help you find objects in very dark places.

This option is present in several other Galaxy with OneUI, even the J8, and not only in the S10 family.

11. Hiding the camera hole

11. Hiding the camera hole

And our last tip is probably the one that most people have doubts about. Yes, it is possible to permanently hide the notch of your Galaxy S10, instead of just skirting with the very creative wallpapers you have on the web for these gadgets.

To hide from time to time, regardless of the app you’re using, go to Viewer, Fullscreen apps, and turn on Hide Front Camera. No need to download an app for this, this setting is native to the system!

It will create a border on the screen by hiding the camera hole. And it’s cool because, in addition to always respecting the curvature of the bottom edge, this option will keep the notch hidden in all, absolutely all applications. Enough watching videos with a hole in the middle, or playing with the camera disrupting some elements. Goodbye, hole in the screen.

And those were our 11 tips – or even a little more, there are some half hidden between them – so you get the best out of it and leave your Galaxy S10 more with your face. If any were missing, or if you have any questions about the Samsung flagship family, leave a comment below.

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