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Fortnite organizes millionaire tournaments, but Epic Games does not want to pay the prizes!

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Fortnite has become world-renowned not only for the many millions of active players every day, but also for the million-dollar tournaments organized by Epic Games. However, there is generating a lot of controversy around the Australian Open Summer Smash held last January.

According to one of the finalists of the tournament, although it has been 3 months since the event, more than 20 players have not yet received their prizes. The player – ttvLeftRightGN – claims that the total payout is around A $ 100,000 and that Epic Games has completely ignored players.

Fortnite Epic Games scandal

In one of the shared emails, we can also see that one of the support staffers says that the only tournament organized and sponsored by Epic Games is the Fortnite World Cup. Also stating that the tournament in question was certainly not organized by the company.

These are unbelievable claims by the Epic Games player support line, especially after the company has advertised the Australian Open Summer Smash on their social networks. In addition, under the terms and conditions of the tournament, it is also very clear the indication that the prizes will be distributed directly by Epic Games.

Fortnite Epic Games awards

Epic Games risks its reputation for “half a dozen pennies”

What makes this situation even stranger is the fact that only a fraction of the 100 winners were left without payment. The player who revealed the situation on Reddit has also published a screenshot of one of the paid players, where we see that in addition to the payment, is still made reference that was the result of his participation in the Australian Open.

This type of action by Epic Games is simply out of the question. It makes no sense to risk smearing your good reputation among the many millions of fans, for the amount of money that for them, is greatly reduced. Such a situation could have happened just because of lack of organization (already confirmed by several users in the same Reddit topic), but once contacted by the players, it should have solved the problem in the least possible time.


Very likely we will hear again about this event, as it is gaining great attention from various websites and newspapers in the gaming world . Hopefully this was just an isolated case, or Epic Games could get into a lot of ‘bad’ sheets.

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