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FIFA 21 has an unbelievable bug. This video reveals everything

fifa 21 game

The new season has already started in FIFA 21. And as is the hallmark of the Electronic Arts title, the usual mistakes (bugs) that make any player laugh… or despair could not be missing.

The truth is that when it comes to bizarre bugs, we’ve seen almost everything in the FIFA series. We are talking about invisible goals, flying players, or broken legs, as you can see in this article. But the most recent bug was shared by user r / buschlatte146 on Reddit.

As you can see in the video below, everything happened in Squad Battle mode. The player made a powerful shot behind the midfield line, which predicted a memorable goal. Or it wouldn’t be that the ball was literally stuck between the posts.

The ball was simply hovering on the goal line, and no player can reach it. As usual in this type of bugs, a show starts where players seem completely unable to perform any action.

What ends up making the situation even funnier are the comments. This is because the commentator keeps repeating the fact that the ball hit the post but in many different ways. When the ball actually decides to enter, the referee blows his whistle.

These types of bugs are not new to FIFA, but it is good for any player to be aware of what can happen to them. For a game that is developed in such a short time, it is not surprising that this happens. Below, we leave another very funny bug, this time with the goal shaking.

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