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Facebook’s new features mourn the death of friends and family?


Everyone will sign up for a Facebook account and share their life on it, but one day we will pass away. The state and photos left behind by Facebook will become a precious treasure house for future generations to recall. Recently, Facebook launched a thoughtful service to add a tribute tab to a deceased Facebook user, so that friends and family can post a message here to express their feelings.

According to Facebook, the purpose of the new feature is to ensure that the personal files of the deceased users are kept intact and that others share the mourning and review the past in a centralized location.

At the same time, Facebook offers more options for the “Memorial Account Agent” that authorizes the management of the commemorative account. They can now manage which content can be displayed on the mourning tab by modifying the label and post permissions settings. Facebook says that they can always modify their headlines and post posts for their deceased accounts, while the new option helps them manage content that friends and family are not ready to face.

Finally, Facebook added that they have improved the artificial intelligence algorithm. When the user has passed away but has not been applied for a commemorative account by friends and relatives, AI will prevent the account from appearing in the “unsuitable” place, such as event invitations, birthday reminders, etc. So as not to evoke the feelings of others.

Nandini Singh
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