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Facebook Will Add “Silence Mode”


Incredibly, Facebook will encourage its users to spend less time “hooked” to the social network and the mobile app in this case. It is a mode of silence that silences notifications, depending on the user’s preference.

It is similar to the digital wellness settings that have recently been implemented on mobile phones. This way, you can set a time for Facebook to stop sending notifications on your device.

However, the funny thing is that when the user accesses the app within the time of silence, he will be warned that the app is in such a mode. In this situation, the user has 3 choices: end the silence mode, use Facebook for only 15 minutes, or edit mode settings.

Additionally, Facebook will provide relevant statistics, showing how much time the user spends in the app. According to Facebook, this function was also created in order to help users deal with the quarantine.

Facebook is contributing to the fight against COVID-19

In addition to these digital welfare measures, Facebook has changed its policies to be more restrictive regarding disinformation about COVID-19. This includes removing publications with fake news and deleting groups that disseminate similar content.

In addition, the company said it would make a $ 2 million donation to organizations that prevent and spread the right information, all over the world. This initiative was also made by Google and Apple, recently.

Regarding the silence mode, it will be launched over the next few weeks, through an update, according to Facebook.

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