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Facebook updates its Terms of Service. Find out what changes


Facebook has announced adjustments to its Terms of Service. The goal is for users to realize their rights when using their products, and how the social network makes money. These adjustments do not change any of your commitments or policies, and you just want to explain things more clearly.

This update comes after the European Commission has forced the social network to tell users in April that it makes money from ads based on user data. Facebook has agreed to rectify its Terms by the end of June, and announces now that it has been revised.

What’s added to the Facebook Terms of Service:

  • How they make money: The social network starts to include more details about how it makes money. In the statement, it is anticipated that Facebook does not charge money for the use of its services because several companies pay them to show ads to users;
  • Content removal: more information is provided about what happens when Facebook removes content that violates its terms or policies;
  • Your intellectual property rights: When you share your photos or videos, you continue to have the intellectual property rights to that content. However, you give Facebook permission to display this content, which theoretically ends when the content is deleted;
  • What happens when you delete something:more detail was added about when you delete something you shared before. For example, Facebook says that when you delete something, the content is no longer visible, but it can take up to 90 days to be removed from social networking systems.

New terms take effect on July 31

These new terms will take effect for any Facebook user globally from July 31, 2019. If you are interested, you can know all the changes by visiting the Facebook Terms of Service page . The future will tell the effective changes of this update promoted by the social network.

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