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Facebook Stories reaches the mark of 500 million users


Like it more or less, Facebook Stories is being used – a lot. The latest figures reveal that there are already more than 500 million daily users between Facebook and Messenger stories. The WhatsApp States have also reached this mark, which Instagram Stories has reached three months ago.

Given that there are Instagram Stories, many users find this feature redundant. But judging by these numbers, one-third of daily Facebook users post or view Stories daily.

facebook stories

At a time when even Youtube has joined the ‘fashion’ Stories, who ironically suffers is its inventor. Snapchat was the social network that popularized the function, and today has only 190 million users daily (which seems a lot).

The Stories are one of the great revenue sources of Mark Zuckerberg’s estate. According to data from Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, 3 million advertisers have already bought space for their ads to go through Facebook’s various ‘Stories’ platforms.

Facebook was initially accused of copying Snapchat (after trying to buy it) with Stories on Instagram. The truth is that functionality is now widely used and basically ‘killed’ Snapchat.

When the functionality came to Facebook, many criticized it for being redundant. The truth is that more and more users are being noticed, so Zuckerberg’s platform strategy is working, as the numbers prove.

Nandini Singh
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