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Facebook Messenger will have great news in 2019!


Facebook Messenger will undergo positive changes. According to the Zuckerberg company, it will be faster and take up less space on users’ devices.

An area dedicated to family and close friends will also be implemented. This will tell Stories and all content shared between the user and the closest people. It looks something similar to Close Friends that already exists in the Facebook app and also in Instagram.

facebook watch

A function called Watch Party is also on the way. Here, friends can explore, discover and view videos together through messenger, which can be done through video chat or simply group chat.

Although there is already a desktop app, a new version of Desktop Messenger will be released with a very rough design of the mobile version. This will contain all the functions of the original app, without limits.

Facebook has been greatly improving Messenger

It is true that Facebook is experiencing a decline in active users but the Messenger app is still heavily used. In addition, several businesses use the app to communicate with their customers, about 40 million, according to the social network.

So Facebook has recently changed the app’s design to look cleaner and more modern. The lower buttons were reduced from 9 to only 3, eliminating visual ‘junk’ from the interface.

fb mess

Additionally, we have finally seen the Dark Mode implementing in the application natively. We also have the ability to respond to specific Whatsapp-style messages and still cancel the sending of messages within a 10 minute window.

For now, Facebook did not announce specific dates for this major update but this announcement should not take too long. All of these changes will certainly energize the app and perhaps encourage more users to use Facebook Messenger.

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