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Facebook big deal Telegram Profit, Surged 3 Million New Users


On March 14th, Facebook caused a large-scale global crash due to server problems, which caused many users who used to use social media to collapse. But some people have unexpectedly benefited during this period, Telegram, the privacy-focused communications software, claims that the number of registered users has surged by 3 million during Facebook’s crash.

Facebook and its apps, including Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, fell in this crash, and many users were affected for more than a dozen hours. Probably because some people are lonely and uncomfortable without social software, they chose to invest in Telegram when Facebook crashed. Telegram founder Pavel Durov said on March 14th on the personal Telegram channel that 3 million new users have registered Telegram in the past 24 hours.

Durov didn’t explain in great detail why the number of Telegram registrations soared, but he taunted on Facebook, recently CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who vowed to protect user privacy. Durov welcomed the newly registered 3 million users on his Telegram channel and said, “Okay, we have real privacy and unlimited space for everyone.”

Telegram’s personnel confirmed to the foreign media “TechCrunch” that Facebook’s crash is likely to be the reason for this wave of registration peaks, and even said that this kind of crash always brings new users. However, they also attributed the growth of registration to the change in the mainstream opinion of the society, and they are increasingly aware of Facebook’s behavior of collecting attention.

In 2018, Telegram announced that the number of active users per month reached 200 million, but it also faced many challenges. Because Telegram chose to adhere to privacy and freedom of speech and refused to hand over user messages and encryption keys, it was banned by authoritarian countries such as Russia, China and Iran. Although Telegram was able to get new users on Facebook’s crash, Telegram never crashed. A few hours of crashes occurred in October 2018, affecting users in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

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