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Facebook and Instagram follow Netflix and Youtube and limit video quality


Following the Covid-19 pandemic, several European countries are taking measures to promote social isolation. In this sense, many people have to stay at home, which leads to congestion on the internet during peak hours of use.

Europe is the major focus of the coronavirus today, which is why Facebook and Instagram are preparing to temporarily limit the quality of videos on their platforms.

“To help alleviate any potential internet congestion, we will temporarily reduce the bit rate (data transfer flow) for videos on Facebook and Instagram in Europe,” a Facebook spokesman told the agency France- Hurry.

“We are committed to working with our partners to manage any bandwidth problems during the period of high demand, as well as ensuring that people can remain connected to using Facebook applications and services during the Covid- pandemic. 19 ”, he concluded.

Netflix will reduce the quality of its platform for 30 days

This is a measure very similar to that already announced by Netflix and Google. In the case of Netflix, it said that it would reduce the “bit rates” rate for 30 days on its platform. Google promised to do the same on YouTube.

These limitations come after the appeal of the European Internal Market Commissioner, Thierry Breton. The latter asked the various platforms and telecommunications operators to “adopt measures” in order to guarantee the “good functioning of the internet” during the entire pandemic process in which we live.

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