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Explicit back content? Pornhub can become the new owner of Tumblr


Tumblr has always been a forgotten social network, which used to be “left to the flies” by whoever bought it. As its second owner Yahoo, which in 2013 had bought the platform for $ 1.1 billion, passed it into the hands of mobile operator Verizon in 2016 – a firm that, by the way, continued to overlook the full potential of the service.

However, it may be that Tumblr finally finds an owner who wants to make it thrive, and the most surprising of all is that it’s none other than Pornhub, a site known for productions targeting the adult entertainment market.

Information recently revealed by the Wall Street Journal points to possible negotiations by Verizon after tumblr fails to beat billing targets.

According to the vehicle, nothing has yet been made official – that is, in the worst case, the Tumblr could end up in the hands of Verizon and not find a new owner if the negotiations do not prosper.

With about 456 million active blogs posting around 172 billion posts, the service has experienced an absurd fall in absence in recent months according to information released by SensorTower.

The current situation of Tumblr is so critical that it is currently with the lowest number of users since 2013 – the drop in the user base was 40% since the first quarter of 2018, something directly related to the beginning of the ban on adult content , something that came to value in December of last year.

Pornographic content that was previously submitted was removed and new posts containing explicit material began to be hidden with the help of artificial intelligence.

That is, clearly the audience of Tumblr changed to people seeking adult entertainment, which also caused the application to be removed from the App Store before new rules prohibiting the placement of pornographic content to take effect.

Knowing this, Pornhub was interested in the acquisition; Thursday (2) the adult entertainment portal revealed to BuzzFeed its interest in acquiring the platform. According to Corey Price, vice president of the company:

Tumblr was a safe haven for those who wanted to explore and express their sexuality, including adult entertainment aficionados.

In other words, if tumblr is actually purchased by Pornhub, it means that all explicit content previously hidden and deleted can be restored to the joy of those who like this kind of material.

Nandini Singh
From a very young age I was interested in computers and technology in general, I had my first computer at the age of 10 and at 15 I set up my first tower, since then I have never stopped. Whatever technology, I'm in the front row to know more.

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