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Elon Musk confirms! Tesla Model Y will arrive sooner than expected


Since the time when the rumors about the launch of the Tesla Model Y started, we talk about a model with 7 seats. However, the car has already reached the market and we still did not have a concrete indication of when this option would become available, is only referred to as “available in 2021”.

Now, through his Twitter account, Elon Musk revealed unexpected details, confirming that the 7-seat option for the Tesla Model Y will be available later this year!

Elon Musk went even further in his tweet, confirming that production of the Model Y with 7 seats will start as early as next month and that the first deliveries will take place as early as December. However, they are more likely to be limited to customers in the United States.

How much will the 7-seater Tesla Model Y cost

The 7-seater interior option can already be found on Tesla’s official website in the UK, showing the availability for 2021. This interior option has an additional cost of € 3,200, bringing the base cost of the car to € 69,184 before savings and € 59,284 after savings.

There is still no information on when this new option may be available in the UK, but I would say that the most optimistic forecasts pointed to the first quarter of 2021.

I recall that Elon Musk also recently confirmed that Tesla is working on the development of new more compact cars perfect for city driving. If you are looking for an ideal electric car to drive around town, it may not be a bad idea to wait for Tesla news.

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