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eBay imports AI translation and cross-border sales grow 10%


Law, many people still have questions about the extent to which AI can help with business development. A recent study by MIT and WUSTL economists provides some evidence of how AI translation tools are Assist in transcending language barriers to facilitate business transactions.

In this study , the researchers compared eBay’s sales between the US and Spanish-speaking Latin American countries before and after the introduction of AI translation in 2014. Although eBay also provided automatic translation in the past, the introduction of AI significantly improved the accuracy of translation. Sex. (It must be mentioned that the AI ​​translation only works on the title and search query of the product list, and does not assist in the product description.)

Just as eBay’s expectations for imported AI translations are expected, the researchers also saw from the data how better translations affect sales. According to the team’s research, after the introduction of AI translation, sales between the United States and the corresponding countries grew by 10.9%. 

While it is possible that there are other variables that cause this number generator, but the team has been adjusted on many faces, ensure that no doping too many other influences into account, the team will even these data with eBay launched Russian, Italian The language and French AI translation tools were compared and they found similar improvements.

According to team estimates, the introduction of AI translation assistance between different countries is equivalent to shortening the distance between each other by 26%, and language barriers are a major cause of trade barriers in the past, which researchers believe shows how AI translations make the world The link between eBay buyers and sellers is even closer.

For the stagnation of productivity around the world, the team believes that this may be caused by the slow introduction of new technologies, and they hope to demonstrate the effectiveness of AI technology in improving productivity through this research.

Co-author Xuan Hui said that organizations often need time to adapt to innovation, so that organizations and technologies can benefit from AI applications. Although it takes some time, it is believed that when AI is finally practical, it will have a major impact on the application field.

(Source: Flickr/Mike Knell CC BY 2.0)

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