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E3: Largest Videogame Conference in the World has a Date for 2021


Despite being canceled, E3 has a date set for 2021: June 15th. The world’s largest videogame conference was canceled this year due to the outbreak of COVID-19 plaguing the planet. Your organization has already started making preliminary preparations for this year’s edition.

Even with the cancellation, the companies that would be present at E3 should present news. Companies like Google, 2K Games, Square Enix and others are expected to make digital presentations, so that fans can have content in it. To top it off with the quarantine, any news is welcome.

Microsoft has already announced that it will have an exclusive Xbox event, which will likely be broadcast on the console’s official YouTube channel. The American website IGN is also planning an event with several companies in the industry, so there is no lack of news.


E3 would be the great presentation of PS5 and Xbox Series X

Truth be told, the launch of the new generation consoles will lose some momentum without a physical conference to gather all interested parties. The new consoles are expected to be introduced shortly before the end of the year. If the situation of COVID-19 does not soften, they may be presented by digital events.

This option will affect the initial impact of the consoles. In any case, there are already reports stating that the outbreak is affecting the production of consoles, as it is also affecting the development of games and other segments. The Last of Us Part 2, for example, had its release recently delayed, with no new date set.

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