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Do You Know? Apple’s AirPods May Sell Particularly Well In 2018


It may be hard to imagine how good a product was published in 2018, a product that has been published for more than two years, or near the end of life.

According to AppleInsider  , the research firm Counterpoint Research reported on the 15th that Apple expects to sell about 35 million AirPods during the 2018 period. The research firm added that Apple is currently the most popular “wearable product” brand in the United States.

In addition to sales figures, Counterpoint also conducted a survey on wearable brands for more than 200 respondents. The results showed that 19% prefer Apple, 17% like Sony, 16% like Samsung, and 5 brands at the end. Bose, Beats, Sennheiser, LG and Jabra.

The survey of wearable brands is limited to “wireless headsets”, and the information from the survey results is quite interesting.

According to the survey report, 68% of buyers of the hot AirPads headsets are attracted to AirPods because of their comfort and health, followed by ease of use and portability. The sound quality is the least responsible for the purchase of the driver. 41%.

(Source: Counterpoint )

In the case of buyers who like the Bose brand, the opposite is true. They are more concerned about the sound quality, followed by noise reduction and comfort, and finally the brand influence.

At present, Apple has not announced the sales of AirPods, and we are unable to know the exact sales figures. It is reported that Apple may launch the second generation AirPods at the spring conference held on March 25.

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