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Do you have an Android Go phone? Google created a camera app for you


After revealing that there are 100 million active Android Go phones worldwide, Google has announced that it will launch Google Camera Go, a camera app inspired by the ideology of Android Go, which will debut on the recent Nokia 1.3.

Camera Go will essentially be a more “Lite” version of the existing camera app. Like other lighter Android Go apps, the Camera Go app will consume fewer resources and have a smaller installation package, although it continues to offer multiple photo and video options.


As such, Google Camera Go is faster and less complex than most camera apps. The design is minimalist and allows you to take advantage of Google’s algorithms and software photo enhancement. The app includes, for example, portrait mode and night mode.

In this way, even the most modest mobile phones can enjoy post-production by software in order to improve the photographs taken. It is important to remember that it is this software improvement that made Google Pixel 3 one of the best mobile phones for photos in 2018.

What is Android Go?

The Android Go equipment comes with Android almost pure, without changes from manufacturers, unlike Samsung and Huawei. Normally, devices with Android Go are budget, that is, mobile phones with a below average price, for consumers who want to save as much as possible.

The Android Go program also guarantees faster updates for these devices. Thus, when Android 11 comes out, mobile phones within this distribution will have faster access to news. Thus, Android Go phones tend to be cheap and updated frequently, a perfect recipe for the user.

Nandini Singh
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