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Disney streaming audio and video service Disney+ is online on November 12th!

Disney plus

On the eve of the “Avengers: The Final Battle”, entertainment media giant Disney has brought good news to the world’s fans! The popular streaming video service “Disney+” will be officially launched on November 12th this year. It is expected to launch a large number of classic and new original movie content, which is quite exciting! The following describes the details of the service such as price and content.

In recent years, Disney has accelerated the layout of streaming media business, and has not hesitated to play the content of the drama for its own platform, Disney+, and the loss of related investment in streaming media in the past year has exceeded 1 billion US dollars. With its strong IP advantage and the acquisition of the group’s film and television assets, Disney+ is going to give everyone a “good-looking” launch, trying to grab the market with the best service, against Netflix, Amazon and other strong enemies.

Bob Iger revealed last year that the Disney+ 

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced earlier that Disney+ will be officially launched on November 12 this year, and the subscription price is also determined to be $6.99 per month, equivalent to NT$220, compared to Netflix, which was recently raised in the US . Disney+’s monthly fee is half as fast as Netflix’s standard plan of $12.99, and is less expensive than Amazon’s Amazon Prime Video $8.99 and Hulu’s ad-free program at $11.99. Disney+ also offers an annual subscription plan of $69.99, an average of about $5.83 per month. It is about eighty-five discounts.

Bob Iger revealed last year that the Disney+ subscription price may be lower than Netflix’s current plan, and market analysis also estimates that the Disney+ subscription price may be between $5 and $7. From the confirmation plan announced by Disney, the price is quite competitive, and Disney+ may also launch a combined subscription solution with ESPN+ and Hulu.

After reading the price, how attractive is the content?

In addition to the Disney Channel content and its own classics, the Disney+ platform includes a wide range of film and original content such as Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic. Marvel expects to launch four independent live-action albums, including Scarlet Witch and Vision, Loki, Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier and Falcon (Sam Wilson, Falcon). , and “Hawkeye”, scheduled to return to the show by the original actor, the current title is undecided.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Films, said that the story of Marvel’s album will be related to the MCU. It also plans to launch the original animation “What if”, which will explain the different plots from a hypothetical perspective, such as the injection of super soldier serum. People are not Steve Rogers but Agent Peggy Carter. How will the story develop? These will all be online at Disney+.

In Star Wars, Lucas Film President Kathleen Kennedy said that Star Wars’ first live-action album “The Mandalorian” will be launched on Disney+, including the new season “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and “Star Wars Gaiden: Grand Theft Auto No. “( Rogue One: a Star Wars Story ) role Andorra (Cassian Andor) and K-2SO new content-based, etc., will be launched at Disney + platform.

Also included are Pixar’s Cars , Monsters, Inc.’s new series Monsters at Work and several short pieces; The Simpsons full collection, 20th century Flowserve’s many classic movies such as The Sound of Music . Disney said that the group’s films released in 2019 will also be available on the Disney+ platform after the next file, and ” Frozen II ” will be available exclusively in the summer of 2020.

Disney+ supports HDR and 4K playback, and also provides download and offline viewing. The platform will continue to expand the content of the movie. It plans to invest $1 billion in original content in 2020 and increase its investment to $2 billion in 2024. The service will be first launched in the United States, and services will be launched in major regions around the world in the next two years. It is estimated that the number of subscribers in 2024 is expected to grow by 60 million to 90 million, of which US users will account for one-third. The rest are overseas users.

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Nowadays, the competition in the streaming video service market is becoming more and more fierce. After the addition of Disney+, how to attract users’ attention and influence the development of the market is quite expected. As for whether Disney+ plans to launch in Taiwan, it is still unknown. It is expected that Disney will benefit Taiwanese audiences and fans! Follow-up progress and related news will continue to be tracked.

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