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Disney + is about to arrive in Europe but will arrive with limitations

Disney plus

Disney’s very popular streaming service is about to arrive in Europe, reaching several countries as early as March 24. I recall that until now, the service had only been launched in the Netherlands since its initial testing phase.

However, their arrival may not impress users, as Disney + will have to follow the same guidelines as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon. The service will be available, but with limited quality, and users will only be able to access content at a maximum resolution of 480p.

disney + europe limitations

Restriction measures on streaming services appear to be exclusive to Europe

Although these measures were not mandatory, all active streaming services in Europe were quick to adhere to the request of European Union Commissioner, Thierry Breton. The big goal is to prevent a breakdown of internet services.

However, similar measures do not appear to exist for any other market. So far, no information has emerged that would suggest that these measures could be replicated in other countries, such as the United States.

It is expected that, as in the North American market, the service will also be in high demand in Europe. Therefore, Kevin Mayer confirmed that they will work together with the operators, to ensure that they are not overloaded with too much bandwidth consumption.

French government postponed the arrival of Disney +

Although Portugal is not on the first list of countries to receive Disney +, France found itself excluded from that list, after its own government made a request to the company to postpone the launch in its market.

Therefore, instead of being available on March 24th, users in France will have to wait two more weeks, seeing the service be active only on April 7th.

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