Deloitte teams up with Dataiku to support large-scale AI companies

Deloitte teams up with Dataiku to support large-scale AI companies
Deloitte teams up with Dataiku to support large-scale AI companies

Artificial intelligence is gaining ground in French companies. It must be said that its use can be valuable, but the knowledge around the concept is still limited. To mitigate this, Deloitte has teamed up with Dataiku to support companies on a large scale with AI.

ataiku is a centralized analytics and data science platform that supports organizations in their transition to artificial intelligence (AI). On Tuesday, March 12, 2019, the company signed a partnership with Deloitte . The goal? Transform the consulting business and make the scaling up to AI a reality for large companies.

New processes to systematize the use of AI on client projects

The Dataiku DSS platform not only helps scale AI management, but also promotes collaboration between data specialists, namely data scientists, data engineers and analysts. It is this collaborative environment that has been deployed at Deloitte, to provide the opportunity for multidisciplinary teams to work together. The purpose of these new processes is to systematize the use of AI on client projects.

The firm initially chose to deploy the tool to 150 employees. But it is expected to expand as part of Deloitte’s AI investment plan and its recruitment drive. In addition, Mathieu Colas, consulting and technology partner at Deloitte explains that ” beyond providing new tools and expertise to our clients, this partnership with Dataiku is part of Deloitte’s strategy of attracting and retaining best talents of the data. The multidisciplinary approaches that we implement to solve complex problems with the support of the AI ​​and the data are already very appreciated, Dataiku DSS systematizes them “.

Massive productivity gains for teams

This partnership is not a coincidence, as it is a continuation of the Intrapreneurship Program led by Deloitte. The latter currently includes more than 25 projects, supported by a dedicated seed fund. If the large group conducts these initiatives in France, it is with the aim of enriching its portfolio, which already has 400 analytics and AI solutions, co-developed with the tech ecosystem and the firm’s clientele. Through these initiatives, teams can achieve massive gains in productivity. On the customer side, this allows the latter to access solutions that have already taken up the challenge of scaling up.

In addition, Dataiku DSS integrates into a sovereign cloud environment in France, operated by Deloitte’s Digital Factory. More than 1,800 containers are managed by the Digital Factory.   With its network of technology partners, it also facilitates the scaling up of the AI ​​solutions developed for Deloitte’s customers. ” The collaboration and industrialization capabilities of the Dataiku technology allow us to capitalize on all the missions that we carry out and to focus our R & D investments in IA on the most common use cases. more relevant to our customers. Thanks to Dataiku, we integrate all the disciplines of AI, including the most advanceds concludes Grégory Abisror, partner responsible for Deloitte’s Technology & Data Risk Services.

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