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Dell laptops now support screen streaming on Android and iOS


For Android users (or iPhone and Mac), casting the screen is nothing new. This function is very useful for the consumption of content on televisions, monitors or to increase productivity. In the case of iPhones, the function is now supported on Windows PC. Too bad they are only from Dell.

Through the Dell Mobile Connect app, presented at CES 2020, iPhone users can now transmit the screen of their equipment to that of the laptop, as is already the case with Macbooks and Mac desktops.

The app allows you to view notifications on your laptop and supports file transfer between iPhone and computer, simply by dragging with the mouse. However, the function for no longer sends documents, only other types of files such as photos and videos.

Only the latest Dell or Alienware notebooks support the function

If you have a Dell or Alienware laptop from 2018 or later, Dell Mobile Connect is available for you. You also need an iPhone with iOS 11 or later, which is already the overwhelming majority of models.

We remind you that Dell Mobile Connect also exists for Android, but there are already ways to mirror your Android to Windows. Therefore, this novelty is more relevant for iPhone users with Dell or Alienware laptops.

Dell does not have a large presence in Europe

Dell is not a computer brand that you can easily find in major Portuguese technology retailers (Worten, Fnac, Media Markt). Instead, your market focuses more on selling online or through third-party retailers. In addition, its line of notebooks (except Alienware) is more targeted at business customers.

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