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Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and company fall to unthinkable levels!


Bitcoin and the rest of cryptocurrencies continue to fall aimlessly. The financial crisis is also spreading to cryptocurrencies, a situation that many would not believe possible.

That is, many believed that cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin would have their biggest rise at the time the market had declined. However, the Coronavirus pandemic is showing that even cryptography cannot resist.

Bitcoin below $ 4800


Bitcoin fell below $ 4800 (€ 4309). To see this value in Bitcoin we need to go back until April 2019. Since then the market has been healthy with the growth of the largest cryptocurrency in the world.

Ethereum is close to $ 100

Last month Ethereum even reached $ 300 and today it is valued at $ 109 (€ 97). A value that was last seen in January 2019.

Other cryptocurrencies suffer from the same

It goes without saying that the market is in chaos. Cryptocurrencies are less valuable than ever and the Coronavirus pandemic is blaming the economy like never before.

Buy at balance price?


However, this looks like a good time to buy assets. Cryptography has not been this way for a long time and if they go up again, it will be, certainly, a good investment.

However, it is worth mentioning to never invest more than you are willing to lose. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and very different from the ideologies of the normal market. Nobody knows for sure what causes certain crypto to rise and fall without reason. So, take that into account before investing any money.

Shivam Singh
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