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COVID-19: Youtubers will be able to Monetize Videos but with some limitations


YouTube announced through Twitter that content creators will be able to place ads and monetize videos whose subject is COVID-19. Until now, YouTube marked videos of this nature as “sensitive content”, not allowing creators to earn revenue from that era.

Still, there are some limitations. The platform will not offer ads on videos that contain “unpleasant or shocking images”, such as videos of people suffering from the disease.

Another limitation, one that is quite pertinent, is the matches. Videos of creators licking toilets, sneezing or coughing in public and other “pranks” will not be monetized, discouraging people from creating videos pretending to be infected to create reactions.

In addition, YouTube will ban the monetization of videos that contain false medical information. This is part of the fight by Google and other internet companies against disinformation, following the outbreak of COVID-19.

Content creators say subject matter should always have been monetized

In response, some content creators claim that COVID-19 is a subject that should not be censored and discussed freely. Some argue that apart from the examples of misinformation and bad taste, the subject should have always been profitable.

Pooja Kaintura
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