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Coronavirus: YouTube will start showing “trustworthy” videos on the main page


YouTube has announced that it will dedicate a part of its main page to videos about Coronavirus. As expected, the content placed there will be cured by the YouTube team, to ensure that it is informative and does not spread false news about the pandemic.

The sources will be local news and health authorities, the goal being to provide users with useful content as soon as they enter the site. The truth is that like any serious situation, there will be people creating fake or sensational content to collect views or money.


YouTube has not revealed exactly how it will promote videos about Coronavirus on the homepage, but it will probably be through its algorithm. In addition, factors such as the video’s popularity, release time and relevance to the user’s country will also be considered.

Most companies and social networks are fighting against misinformation

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Google are doing what they can to combat what they consider non-informational content about Coronavirus. In fact, the companies mentioned have created a group to combat fraud and misinformation about the disease. The measures are to block ads or content that sell surgical masks, for example

YouTube has used this type of prominence to promote important content in the past. Regarding COVID-19, the platform intends to launch the videos on the main page only in 16 countries to start.

Some of the countries are the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, India, Germany, France, Italy, and Japan. However, YouTube has already stated that it intends to expand to more territories.

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