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Coronavirus data app is blocking users smartphones


Coronavirus is undoubtedly the theme of the moment and there are those who have already taken advantage of the occasion to deceive others. This time, we have an app for Android that promises to keep you updated on the evolution of the virus.

The discovery was made by security company DomainTools. During a search on Coronavirus-related domains, they encounter a new ransomware scheme.

Hackers are asking $ 100 in Bitcoin to unlock your smartphone

After the application is installed on your smartphone, it asks for various permissions, namely for the unlock screen. Once granted, hackers are able to change your unlock pin and later block your equipment.

In order to give you back control of the smartphone, thieves ask for $ 100 in Bitcoin. According to DomainTools, few are affected by this scheme and those who have effectively yielded to the requirements of hackers.

This scheme originates from the site “” which advises you to install an application for Android. This promises a follow-up like no other on the evolution of Coronavirus, with notifications and everything.


To try to give more credibility to these claims, hackers say their app has been approved by the World Health Organization and the US Center for Disease Control.

Furthermore, they claim that the app has more than 6 million comments and an average of 4.4 stars. All of this to try to convince users that they are looking at a reliable application.

Official information on Coronavirus only through DGS or Ministry of Health

It is understandable the state of apprehension that this pandemic has generated in the populations. In that sense, all the information we can find about the disease’s state is appealing.

However, it is our duty to stress that all official national data on Coronavirus are released daily by the DGS and the Ministry of Health. This is done every morning, in a press conference, so do not fall into allegations that this or that will keep abreast of everything that happens with this disease.

In addition, you should avoid installing applications outside the Play Store. This is the main source of malware for Android and scams of this kind.

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