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Chrome and Chrome OS updates suspended due to Coronavirus


Google announced on its blog that it will suspend major updates to the Google Chrome browser and its Chrome OS operating system. This suspension will occur indefinitely and the reason should not surprise you: Coronavirus.

Google recently sent all of its employees (in the United States) home so they can work remotely. Thus, the company says that it is not possible to keep up with the updates, with employees working from home.


However, Google reinforces: the most important security updates will continue to be sent. This way, users of Chrome or Chrome OS do not need to worry about their devices being unsafe. Only major updates will be suspended.

So, during the Coronavirus epidemic, don’t expect news or new features added to Google Chrome. The consequences of the Coronavirus continue to be felt daily, in the lives of everyone and companies.

Google is fighting Coronavirus as it can

Google recently announced that it will remove all ads on its platform that attempt to capitalize on Coronavirus. In this case, sales of masks and surgical gloves are mentioned, which has appeared on the internet, taking advantage of people’s panic.

Accordingly, Google is not allowing the promotion of such ads, as they are unethical. Facebook is applying similar measures but in relation to disinformation. The social network is banning all unofficial Coronavirus content. Examples of this are false publications promoting cures or spreading lies about the state of the disease worldwide.

Pooja Kaintura
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