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Chinese AI Research has been quoted a large number of times, quickly catching up with the United States


The latest statistics show that the influence of Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) research is rapidly catching up with the United States, showing that this area, which is regarded by the Trump government as a key issue, is seriously challenged by China. and the Wall Street Journal reported that the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, a Seattle-based non-profit organization, published a new report on the 13th, indicating that 2 million were published as of 2018. After the paper, it was found that 26% of the top 10% of the most frequently cited AI studies were from China, and only 29% were from the United States. In 1982, as many as 47% of the most frequently cited AI studies came from the United States.

In fact, Stanford University’s “Artificial Intelligence Index”, which tracks AI data, found last year that China has published far more papers than the United States. The index also shows that the Chinese government has funded a large number of AI research. From 2007 to 2017, the number of government-sponsored AI papers has grown by 400%, much higher than that of Chinese enterprise laboratories. In contrast, the United States is played by companies such as Alphabet, and the number of AI research published by companies is seven times that of China.

Oren Etzioni, director of the Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence, said that in the top 10% and even the top 1% of the most frequently cited AI studies, the progress of China’s catching up with the US is surprising. If this rate is estimated, 10% before 2020. The most frequently cited AI study will be won by China, while the top 1% will be surpassed in 2022 or 2023.

However, only the number of quotes is counted, and the quality of the research and the influence of the concept of the paper cannot be fully presented. The Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence will conduct an in-depth analysis to test how much Chinese researchers prefer to quote the practices of scholars in the same country.

Having said that, Etzioni still said that this discovery means that the US government must further support AI research, and Trump recently signed an executive order for AI development, although the intentions are good, the implementation details are not many, and the most important two cannot be met. The big demand is to attract top research talents with a more relaxed immigration policy, and a larger amount of research funding.

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