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China Ruins PUBG Mobile! Watch the video!


Tencent decided to withdraw the PUBG from China and replace it with a game that matches the country’s vision. It’s called Game of Peace and was approved in April.

It’s called Game of Peace and meets the requirements of the Chinese government to introduce culturally relevant games. In addition China wants games that reflect the country’s values ​​and are healthy.

This means that although almost identical to PUBG, the Game of Peace has drastic changes. The theme of the game focuses on the celebration of Chinese air forces. The killings were eliminated, explained through a Weibo user.

The same explains that when one player shoots against another, there is no blood. In addition, the dead players stand up and make friendly gestures.

China has not allowed the monetization of PUBG Mobile

In addition to China’s strict policies regarding gaming, there is another conditioning factor. China has never approved the monetization of PUBG Mobile through in-app purchases.

In this regard, Tencent decided to remove the game completely in China and replace it with something that can generate revenue. By 2017 China was already pressuring Tencent to bring a more peaceful game and according to Chinese values.

We have been reporting how China is increasingly tightening up with violent games saying it can influence young people in a negative way. On the other hand is the same country that blocked the word ‘Leica’ in social networks after a video that showed the demonstrations of Tiananmen Square.

The truth is that China is a rather complicated country with a history even more. Several studies have proved that violence in video games is not directly linked to violent behavior in young people.

Pooja Kaintura
Pooja Kaintura is Managing Editor at TechGrits. Unconditional fan of technology and culture wants to share the knowledge acquired with everyone.

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