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Child Tracking Software is helpful for Parents

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With the evolution of technology in recent times, everyone has earned an easy hand at technological gadgets. Computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones are used everywhere for the convenient accomplishment of tasks. But the most widely used gadget out of them is the mobile phone. 

Nowadays, every young and old carries a mobile phone with them. There is no denying the utility it has provided to the users, but there are always pros and cons to every situation. 

The mobile phone is not turning out to be that beneficial for teens and kids, and its utility is still questionable among them. Hence, their activities over cell phones need to be kept under observation. Their activities need to be monitored through digital parenting. 

There is a number of cell phone tracker apps that are in business nowadays, but the best of the lot is TheOneSpy. TheOneSpy is compatible with all the versions of the iPhone and Android OS. The primary function of this tracking app is to incorporate digital parenting and employee monitoring. We will have a close look over its offerings.

TheOneSpy only encourages the ethical use of their service, which is aimed at kids and employee monitoring, and for lawful purposes.

TheOneSpy – Best Cell Phone Tracker

TheOneSpy offers a range of services, but its cell phone tracking service is the signature mark. It can be installed on a targeted device, and all the activities on that device can be cloned to the online dashboard and monitored conveniently. 

It provides access to record every phone call on the target device. The recorded call can also be saved to the online dashboard for later reference. Its surround recording feature bugs the mic and front or back camera of the target device to record real-time surround activities of the target user. 

The screen recording feature is the best of its kind. It actively records the screen of the target device and furnishes the end-user with full access to it in real-time. The phone tracker app tracks the location of the target device; all the locations visited get communicated to the end-user.

The feature goes the extra mile by incorporating geo-fencing. The geo-fencing enables the end user-user to allocate allowed and forbidden zones to visit by the target device, all the respective activity will be recorded, and once the target device gets into the forbidden zone, the end-user gets notified about the activity. 

This cell phone tracker app provides complete remote access to the end-user. The end-user can remotely lock or unlock the phone to stalk into all the internal storage of the cell phone. All the stored multimedia can be accessed, and it can be removed or retained by the end-user. All the appointments and calendars can be accessed to furnish a full hand into all whereabouts of the kid.

The end-user can access the Gmail (emails) of the target device; the browsing history can also be visited using remote access. The end-user is allowed to mark safe and forbidden websites for the target user. Afterward, the target user will not be allowed to visit the forbidden websites. 

All the contacts of the phonebook can be accessed virtually by the end-user. The end-user can restrict a specific user to contact the target user by assigning the ‘restricted contact‘.  

The most striking feature of TheOneSpy is the extensive monitoring of social media apps on a target device. All the communication taken place through social media apps i.e. Whatsapp, Instagram, Line, Snapchat, Viber, and Tumblr, can be monitored conveniently by the end-user.

The monitoring earns a full hand into all the chats, multimedia shared and received, VOIP calls, and each and everything of the respective app. It empowers to record live activities while using the social media apps, captures screenshots as demanded, and save them for later reference if not available to monitor right away. 


Going around all that discussed, it is rightly said that TheOneSpy is currently the best monitoring tool aimed at monitoring and spying on kids’ activities, so that they may stay out of reach of inappropriate content. The said purpose is rightly served by the app by providing extensive access to the end-user into the target phone’s activities. 

Pooja Kaintura
Pooja Kaintura is Managing Editor at TechGrits. Unconditional fan of technology and culture wants to share the knowledge acquired with everyone.

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