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CAUTION: Google confirms Trojan on Android! These 42 smartphones have been affected!


Google has confirmed that Trojan “Triada” has in fact affected the Android system of some smartphones in its manufacture. That is, even if the smartphone is new to take out of the box the probability of being infected was great. This is because the Trojan was implemented in the manufacturing process of the equipment and not later in the use by the user.

Said by Kaspersky as the most advanced Trojan ever discovered, this malware was stored in the device’s RAM and was able to execute commands when a particular application (of its choice) was open.

Which smartphones are affected

  • Leagoo M5
  • Leagoo M5 Plus
  • Leagoo M5 Edge
  • Leagoo M8
  • Leagoo M8 Pro
  • Leagoo Z5C
  • Leagoo T1 Plus
  • Leagoo Z3C
  • Leagoo Z1C
  • Leagoo M9
  • ARK Benefit M8
  • Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus
  • UHANS A101
  • Doogee X5 Max
  • Doogee X5 Max Pro
  • Doogee Shoot 1
  • Doogee Shoot 2
  • Tecno W2
  • Homtom HT16
  • Umi London
  • Kiano Elegance 5.1
  • iLife Fivo Lite
  • Myth A39
  • Vertex Impress InTouch 4G
  • Vertex Impress Genius
  • myPhone Hammer Energy
  • Advan S5E NXT
  • Advan S4Z
  • Advan i5E
  • Tesla SP6.2
  • Cubot Rainbow
  • Haier T51
  • Cherry Mobile Flare S5
  • Cherry Mobile Flare J2S
  • Cherry Mobile Flare P1
  • NOA H6
  • Pelitt T1 PLUS
  • Prestige Grace M5 LTE
  • BQ 5510 (not related to Spanish HRC)

What to do if you have one of the smartphones on the list

Two years have passed and Google has already rectified the problem with the manufacturers. However, there is never too much to prevent. If you had any of the smartphones on the list, change your passwords and confirm that your bank cards are safe. If you still have one of these terminals you should not worry. However, it confirms that all system updates are done.

It took Google 2 years to admit the failure

In Google’s blog , the company finally admitted that there was a problem in this situation. He further stated that this Trojan was implemented in an intelligent way and that they worked with manufacturers directly to resolve the situation. That is, in admitting that this has happened is because the situation has finally been resolved.

What could the Trojan do?

This is very hypothetical. Unfortunately we do not have details on what the goals of these Trojans are. But information drives the world. Therefore, the probability of theft of user information was high.

Still, since the Trojan could run tasks as soon as applications were open, it could steal images, videos, passwords, or even bank information.

Shivam Singh
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