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Cameo is the app that sells personalized celebrity messages


Cameo is an app that is making you mad because you can pay for celebrities, youtubers or influencers to record personalized messages for you. The company started as a start-up and is already valued at more than 300 million dollars.

To promote the application, Cameo published on Twitter a short video with nothing less than the Snoop Dogg. He is one of the artists available to schedule a personalized message.

Values ​​range from $ 5 to $ 3,000

In Cameo, you make the appointment choosing the celebrity you want and a short message. A Snoop Dogg message can cost $ 3,000 . Other options include $ 500 to hear words from basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

On the lowcost side, for a price of $ 55 , users scheduled messages with the American YouTuber Joe Santagato. It’s certainly an interesting way to say hello or wish you the best of luck.

Cameo contains about 2,000 video requests per day

Since its inception in 2017, Cameo has grown quite rapidly. So far, they have completed 300,000 transactions from high-profile celebrities to influencers on the internet.

In addition, Cameo enjoys a giant exposure in social networks because the videos purchased are immediately shared. One of the founders of the app, Steven Galanis, says that for now they intend to bet on volume orders and not raise prices too much.

The celebrities and influencers are all from the United States. Still nothing will stop you from asking Snoop Dogg to send you rhymes from the other side of the ocean.


Try Cameo through the Google Play Store

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