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Bug on iPhones can “Crash” Everything With Just an SMS


A rather funny bug on iPhones with iOS 13.4.1 was discovered by YouTuber EverythingApplePro. The bug causes iPhones to “crash” or freeze completely, not allowing the user to interact with the device in a normal way.

According to YouTuber, the error is caused by a text written in Sindhi characters, the official language of the province of Pakistan. The same characters also used in India. Upon receiving a notification with the text, the iPhone becomes a victim of the problems mentioned.

In this way, the text can be sent as a very bad match, rendering the iPhone useless. The most frustrating thing is that it is enough that the text is received on any platform, be it Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram or by normal messages. The only way to avoid it is to disable notifications, which is inconvenient.

Fortunately, being restricted to Sindhi characters, Portuguese users are unlikely to be affected. Texts with characters that throw apps down or freeze mobile phones are nothing new, with other occurrences in the past.

Twitter is going down on the iPhone

Meanwhile, a Twitter user responded to EverythingApplePro, saying that Twitter continues to “crash” on the iPhone. It is a situation unrelated to the message but it can also be related to the current iOS 13.4.1.

However, according to 9to5Mac, the error of messages in Sindhi seems to be fixed in iOS 13.4.5, at least in the beta. This will be the next version of the operating system, which will apparently fix this and other bugs.

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