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Bitmain releases the ant mining machine S17 Pro


AI Financial Review April 8 news, the cryptocurrency mining company Bitmain officially released the new Antminer S17 Pro. According to Bitland, this is the most powerful SHA256 algorithm mining machine to date, supporting BTC, BCH and other encrypted digital currency mining.

The second-generation 7nm chip BM1397, which is powered by this mining machine, was released in February this year. It is understood that the standard mode is up to 53 TH/s, the energy efficiency ratio is 39.5 J/T, and the energy efficiency ratio is as low as 36 J/T in low power mode. The chip’s continuous enhancement in circuit structure and low-power technology has significantly improved the performance of the S17 Pro.

In addition, Bitcoin also stressed that the S17 Pro adopts a new cooling technology and a global optimization customization solution, taking into account factors ranging from chip architecture to overall machine economy, and strengthening the core part while taking into account the optimization of other modules to achieve global optimization. . 

In addition to the release of the ant mining machine S17 Pro, Bitland has also launched another 7nm mining machine S17. The S17 is available in both 56T and 53T versions and supports both standard mode and low power modes.

At present, the ant mining machine S17, S17 Pro have been simultaneously logged into the official website of the mainland, and will be officially launched at 2 pm on April 9.

It is understood that Bitcoin was established in 2013. According to Frost & Sullivan, a business consulting firm, Bitian is the world’s largest ASIC-based cryptocurrency mining company based on 2017 revenue, accounting for 74.5% of the global market share, much higher than Ranked second and third in the 6.2% of Jianan Zhizhi and 4.5% of Yibang Technology.

On September 26, 2018, Bitland uploaded the A1 prospectus document on the official website of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, officially launching the listing process in Hong Kong. However, in March of this year, Bitland issued an internal letter saying that this round of IPO applications will expire in the near future, and will resume the listing work at an appropriate time in the future.

TechGrits reported that Bitcoin was accused of a loss of up to $500 million in the third quarter of 2018 and reported massive layoffs at the end of last year. According to a core employee, there are more than 3,000 employees at the peak of Bitland. HR revealed that layoffs are only allowed to retain 30%-50% of the human budget, and layoffs are as high as 50%-70%.

On March 26 this year, Bitland announced the organizational restructuring, with Wang Haichao as the company’s CEO, and announced that the company will focus on digital currency and artificial intelligence chips and products and services based on this.

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