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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are starting to see small rises


Bitcoin and the rest of cryptocurrencies have seen a sharp drop in recent times. At a time when many believed that cryptography was the lifeline of a collapsing economy, it seems that this has not proved to be true.

So, contrary to what we have seen in the economy in general, cryptocurrencies are starting to have a positive sign after a seriously high fall.

Cryptocurrency values ​​on March 13

CryptoAmount in Dollars ($)Differential (24h)
Bitcoin$ 5,541.46-12.87%
Ethereum$ 130.91-8.90%
XRP (Ripple)$ 0.156-4.61%
Tether (Stable Coin)$ 1.01+ 0.21%
Bitcoin Cash$ 169.58-13.03%
Litecoin$ 34.65-3.96%
Bitcoin SV$ 115.39-16.94%
EOS$ 1.98-11.79%
Binance Coin$ 10.54-13.65%
Tezos$ 1.70-1.61%

Cryptocurrency values ​​at this time

CryptoAmount in Dollars ($)Differential (24h)
Bitcoin$ 6,547.9413.07%
Ethereum$ 140.2511.05%
XRP (Ripple)$ 0.1663867.88%
Tether (Stable Coin)$ 1.000.37%
Bitcoin Cash$ 230.2020.74%
Litecoin$ 40.9412.92%
Bitcoin SV$ 164.9331.40%
EOS$ 2.3713.53%
Binance Coin$ 12.5412.07%
Tezos$ 1.7514.85%

This growth must be looked at carefully

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are starting to see small (but important) rises

Even though cryptocurrencies have grown in the past 48 hours, we must look carefully at this rise. Crypto is extremely volatile and betting on such a market is dangerous.

Still, from what we can see, it seems that the falls of the last few weeks have disappeared and the prognosis looks positive. I remember that Bitcoin was already close to 20 thousand dollars at the end of 2017, but since then it has not reached such promising numbers.

Just remember, if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, never invest more than you are willing to lose.

Shivam Singh
Founder of the TechGrits, has always looked at technology as a piece of knots. From an early age connected to the technological world, this is literally your dream job.

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