Best PC speakers to buy in 2021

best pc speakers in 2021

The speakers included in the computer are, as a rule, not extraordinary. That is why it is recommended to buy speakers for the PC, with various configurations and connection types such as Bluetooth, USB, and the conventional 3.5 mm jack (P2 audio).

We have chosen the best speakers for PC, from the cheapest to those indicated for gaming

We took into account the characteristics and price/quality ratio, with solutions from Logitech, Harman / Kardon, Creative, Razer, and other reference brands.

Logitech Z120 – the cheapest!

The Z120 speakers are compact, lightweight, easy to transport and very cheap.

Speaker type: 2.0
RMS power | Peak: 1.2 W | up to 2 W
Connection : 3.5 mm, USB
Extras: cable management
Price: from 13 € on AMAZON.ES

The cheapest sound system we can recommend is the Logitech model Z120. The speakers weigh about 300 grams, are compact and easy to carry which makes them ideal for connecting to a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

They are the cheapest PC speakers with a minimally pleasant sound. Their design is elegant, with lines inspired by nature, with a black face and a white body, in addition to the arrangement of cables and wires in the rear.

Be careful not to puncture the exposed driver, other than that, they are great speakers powered by USB and P2 connection (3.5 mm). The features are simple, but the product is good value for money.

Creative Pebble V2 – best cheap PC speakers

The 2nd generation of PC speakers is more powerful and has a USB-C connection.

Speaker type: 2.0
RMS power | Peak : 8 W | up to 16 W
Connection : 3.5 mm, USB-C,
Extras : adapter from USB-C to USB-A
Price : from 24 € on AMAZON.ES

The Logitech Creative Pebble V2 speakers are surprising for their compact size and lightweight (300 grams each satellite), with an excellent price/quality ratio. The biggest highlight, besides the design, is the 45º inclination that directs the sound.

They are perfect for a minimalist setup, to complete a portable PC, easy to connect via USB-C (power) and 3.5 mm jack (audio signal), delivering a clear sound, with a noticeable touch of bass and enough power to fill a room.

The construction is solid and we have some quality touches like the golden details, but beware of the exposed drivers. The affordable price makes these Creative speakers the best choice for limited budgets.

Logitech Z207 – good speakers for wireless PC

Logitech’s Z207s have a Bluetooth connection and are available in black or white.

Speaker type: 2.0
RMS power | Peak : 5 W | up to 10 W
Connection : 3.5 mm
Extras : Bluetooth connection
Price : from 40 € on AMAZON.ES

The Logitech Z207 model is one of the best PC speakers for less than 50 €. The 2.0 configuration has a good audio quality for conventional use, but few bass, which is to be expected given the price and the absence of a subwoofer.

With a simple and elegant design, solid construction, and fixed but plastic support, Logitech has included Bluetooth connectivity in these Logitech speakers. The connections are grouped on the right satellite, with a power supply and P2 cable (3.5 mm) included.

They are great for enhancing the audio experience of a laptop, desktop PC, or mobile phone without spending a lot. The black or white finish has a dull surface. Be careful not to pierce the membrane of the exposed drivers.

Creative Inspire T6300 – cheaper 5.1 system

Creative’s Inspire T6300 model is a very affordable 5.1 sound system.

Speaker type: 5.1
RMS power | Peak: 7 W | up to 57 W
Connection: Analog
Extras: Control hub
Pricefrom 65 € on AMAZON.ES

Creatives T6300 are PC subwoofer speakers, made up of a total of 5 satellites. We have 2 large loudspeakers (front), 3 medium (rear and central), in addition to the referred subwoofer and the command, or hub, for control.

The system is suitable for those who want to create an immersive sound stage for films, or games. You will have to distribute the components in the space where the computer is, but you can create a complete environment. Watch out for exposed membranes.

The connection to the PC is made through the cable with a 3.5 mm terminal, with the system having a medium build quality, but with a good price/quality ratio. It’s one of the best PC speakers in 2020 if you’re looking for a cheap 5.1 system.

TRUST GXT 38 Tytan – good value for money

The Tytan 2.1 GTX 38 are available in black, wood and in the gaming version (image).

Speaker type: 2.1
RMS power | Peak : 7 W | up to 57 W
Connection : 3.5 mm, RCA
Extras : Control hub
Price : from 65 € on AMAZON.ES

The Tytan 2.1 GTX 38 are PC subwoofer speakers with an emphasis on bass, build quality, and affordable price. If you are looking for the best 2.1 speakers for your computer or console at an affordable price, buy this compact system from Trust.

The construction is good, the drivers are protected by a metal grid, the connection is simple with all the cables going to the subwoofer. There is also a version of this system 2.1 with a Bluetooth connection, but it is more expensive.

The modern design is mirrored by the simple lines and glossy plastic finishes on the satellites with the subwoofer to command respect. The sound quality is good with clarity and a lot of power dedicated to the bass in these PC speakers.

Logitech MX Sound – best portable speakers

MX Sound speakers are stylish and can pair with many Bluetooth devices.

Speaker type: 2.0
RMS power | Peak : 12 W | up to 24 W
Connection : 3.5 mm, RCA, Bluetooth
Extras : backlit controls
Price : from 145 € on AMAZON.ES

Logitech’s MX Sound compact system is designed to deliver a premium experience. Suitable for those looking for a clean and modern setup, or already have products like Craft and MX Master 3 of the brand, focusing on function and style.

They can be paired via Bluetooth to various devices thanks to Logitech Easy-Switch technology, or to the PC via the AUX port (3.5 mm). They are covered with fabric and have intuitive controls that automatically light up when you approach the hand.

Logitech speakers promise a Bluetooth connection up to 25 meters and unclog the desk or computer. They are very well constructed, in reinforced plastic with quality touches and a rear air outlet to reinforce the bass.

Logitech Z623 THX – best price / quality ratio

The Logitech Z623 model has the best price / quality ratio.

Speaker type: 2.1
RMS power | Peak : 200 W | up to 400 W
Connection : 3.5 mm input, RCA
Extras : THX certified
Price : from 105 € on AMAZON.ES

The best 2.1 speakers for PC are the Logitech Z623, with an excellent cost/benefit ratio and cheaper than the Z625 model (this with optical port). THX certification guarantees more realism in sound reproduction, true to the source.

The system is compact, consisting of two satellites with a grid protecting the drivers and a powerful subwoofer. If you want sound power, fidelity, and respectful bass, then it’s worth buying the Logitech Z623 at a very competitive price.

The speakers are made of plastic, but well-executed, robust and with a slight inclination, while the bass unit has sharp edges. You have the controls on the right satellite and the main connections on the subwoofer.

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III – great price / quality alternative

Harman Kardon
SoundSticks are on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Speaker type: 2.1
RMS power | Peak : 10 W | up to 40 W
Connection : 3.5 mm input, (Bluetooth in Wireless version)
Extras : Industrial design
Price : from € 35 on AMAZON.ES

The best sound system for those looking for the perfect balance between design, sound quality, and price. The Harman / Kardon Soundsticks III is really amazing, built-in acrylic with industrial design and real sound, rich in details.

The subwoofer unit has a white LED that gives it an ethereal look. The satellites are tilt-adjustable, with a heavy base and protected one-inch drivers. They have two discrete buttons on the right satellite and reinforced cables.

The Wireless version has a Bluetooth connection but is considerably more expensive. You can connect these speakers to any device with P2 input ( 3.5 mm jack ), which is probably the best purchase for a minimalist setup.

Logitech Z906 – best 5.1 speakers

The Z906 system is a 5.1 sound solution for Logitech PC, consoles or TV.

Speaker type: 5.1
RMS power | Peak : 500 W | up to 1000 W
Connection : 3.5 mm input, RCA, 6 channels, optics
Extras : THX certified, Dolby Digital, control hub
Price : from 199 € on AMAZON.ES

For cinema and films, for music and shows, or for games, this is the best 5.1 sound solution at a competitive price. Suitable for use as PC speakers, they have a nominal power of 500 W (1000 W peak), creating an immersive sound.

The satellites are made of durable plastic, with good finishes and relatively compact dimensions. The highlight goes to the THX certification that guarantees the reproduction of sound faithful to the source, the power, and versatility of applications.

The subwoofer is full of analog and digital inputs, and there is even a Bluetooth receiver in the most expensive model. However, the Z906 model is the best bet considering the price, being able to replace some home cinema systems.

Razer Nommo Chroma – good gaming speakers for PC

Nommo are available in 3 basic versions (in the image), Chroma and Pro.

Speaker type: 2.0
RMS power | Peak : Not revealed
Connection : 3.5 mm, USB
Extras : Bass / volume adjustment knob
Price : from 99 € on AMAZON.ES

For gamers and fans of Razer, we recommend Nommo in the base version, taking into account the good price/quality ratio. The 2.0 audio system has been optimized to create a complete range for PC games and there it fulfills its purpose well.

Gaming speakers have 3-inch fiberglass interlaced drivers for added durability. Despite not having a dedicated subwoofer, Nommo has a bass port at the rear and a gain control button for the bass.

The Chroma version has an RGB frame at the base of each satellite, but the price increases by 50%, which is the only difference. There is also the Pro version, with a dedicated subwoofer, control hub, and THX certification, but the price is around € 500.

Logitech G560 Lightsync – best gaming speakers for PC

The Logitech G560 includes a powerful subwoofer and RGB lighting

Speaker type: 2.1
RMS power | Peak : 120 W | up to 240 W
Connection : 3.5 mm, USB, Bluetooth
Extras : DTS certification: X Ultra, RGB LIGHTSYNC
Price : from 199 € on AMAZON.ES

Logitech has in the G560 Lightsync model the best gaming speakers, for a PC dedicated to games and a competitive setup. Not only is the power huge for the format, but RGB lighting creates the ideal atmosphere.

The circular and compact shape is complemented by the rim that not only balances each satellite but also channels the lighting laterally. They are DTS: X Ultra certified for a 3D surround sound environment and enjoy Bluetooth connection.

The build quality is excellent, and the dedicated subwoofer is able to command respect. If budget is not an issue, this is the ideal, compact and powerful solution, with faithful audio, RGB lighting, and easy connections with USB, 3.5 mm, and Bluetooth.

Razer Leviathan – best gaming soundbar for PC

Leviathan is a powerful Razer signature gaming soundbar

Speaker type: 5.1 (soundbar)
RMS power | Peak : 30 W | up to 60 W
Connection : 3.5 mm, Bluetooth, Optics
Extras : NFC, Dolby Technology
Price : from 237 € on AMAZON.ES

For those looking for the best gaming soundbar, we have at Leviathan our recommendation for a compact solution, with a dedicated subwoofer, Bluetooth connection with Bluetooth aptX certification without loss of quality, and good power.

The soundbar consists of 2 drivers and 2 tweeters, in addition to the dedicated subwoofer. The result is an impressive sound stage with powerful bass and a Dolby 5.1 virtual environment for greater immersion. It is a complete product and very well built.

It is well connected with connections, from Bluetooth to the optical port for the highest signal quality. It has solid, firm feet to keep both components firmly in place while substantially improving gaming sessions.

Edifier Studio R1700BT – great price/quality ratio

Bluetooth speakers
EDIFIER speakers are available in white, black and wood finishes.

Speaker type: 2.0
RMS power | Peak : 33 W | up to 66 W
Connection : 3.5 mm, RCA, Bluetooth
Extras : DSP, DRC
Price : from 110 € on AMAZON.ES

For more demanding users we recommend a compact and relatively inexpensive 2.0 system, already with good acoustic quality and well served by connections. 

The Studio R1700BT has a Bluetooth connection, remote control, and an attractive design.

We highlight the natural inclination in 10º, great for those who place them flanking the PC, or on a shelf. The speakers have a digital signal processor (DSP) and dynamic range control (DRC) for less distortion and more crystal clear sound.

We also highlight the Edifier Studio R1280T, more compact and without Bluetooth, with good sound quality and priced below 80 € on AMAZON Both solutions deserve to be considered when choosing new speakers for the PC.

Audioengine A2 + Wireless – best professional option

PC speakers are available in black, red and white.

Speaker type: 2.0
RMS power | Peak : 15 W | up to 60 W
Connection : 3.5 mm, RCA, USB, Bluetooth
Extras : AAC certified, aptX, aptX HD
Price : from 299 € on AMAZON.ES

Audioengine A2 + Wireless speakers are the right choice for those looking for a faithful sound reproduction system in a compact yet versatile format. This version has a Bluetooth connection for greater flexibility of use and more signal sources.

They are indicated for demanding listeners, content producers who look for a neutral and faithful sound, but must be used with the proper supports to achieve the optimum inclination. The construction is great and the attention to detail is noticeable even in unboxing.

They can be connected to any source device and work well as control and monitoring columns, being compact and with a discreet design. Sound quality is guaranteed in this 2.0, updated, and more capable system from Audioengine.

Klipsch R-41PM – great audiophile option

Klipsch R 41-PM speakers are an excellent premium option .

Speaker type: 2.0
RMS power | Peak: 70 W | up to 140 W
Connection: 3.5 mm, RCA, USB, Bluetooth, Optics, Phono
Extras: Remote control
Price: from 449 € on AMAZON

The German brand of reference in the audio sector, the R-41PM has the best pair of multimedia speakers for PC, TV, turntable, and any device with a 3.5 mm connection or Bluetooth. They are relatively compact, powerful, and very versatile.

The Klipsch R-41 has the best sound quality on the list, worthy of an audiophile selection. They are amplified speakers, with simple connection and robust construction, in addition to the functional design. They can be used as control and monitoring columns.

They have characteristic features such as the dynamic bass equalizer, high-efficiency amplification, the possibility of purchasing a subwoofer of the same brand, and, above all, a powerful sound with Klipsch acoustics.

Joey Roth CRM-001 – best design!

Joey Roth
The ceramic construction and minimalist design are the highlights of the CRM-001.

Speaker type: 2.0
RMS power | Peak : 15 W | up to 30 W
Connection : RCA, (Bluetooth optional)
Extras : Wooden supports
Price : from 555 $ at Joey Roth

The creation of designer Joey Roth immediately captivates the eye and then the hearing. For purely aesthetic reasons we include the CRM-001 columns with minimalist design, ceramic box, and detachable wooden support.

For those looking for a premium system, where design is the main highlight, this is the ideal solution. The amplifier is an aluminum block with the essential controls and connections, with a Bluetooth receiver sold separately.

With 4-inch drivers and a paper membrane, the sound quality is good, but not the best on the list. It is, above all, a product-focused on minimalism, features, and visual impact, but it is still absolutely captivating.

3 considerations when buying PC speakers

1 . More speakers does not mean better audio. Unless you want to create a home theater with a surrounding environment, 5.1 systems (5 satellites and 1 subwoofer), or 7.1, are not the ideal solution, in addition to requiring more assembly work.

2. More expensive is not necessarily better. For a great sound experience, don’t be guided by the price alone. There are many cheaper systems, with a few years on the market, but with proven quality and sound fidelity.

3. Different columns for different uses. Unless you choose to control and monitoring columns with a neutral register, each system will have its own tuning that makes it especially suitable for a different use or musical style.

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