Best PC Monitors to Buy in 2020


The best PC monitors will maximize user productivity, improve gaming performance and the viewing experience. To this end, we have created this buying guide with cheap monitors, gaming monitors and professional solutions.

We chose 24, 27 inch monitors, up to Super UltraWide solutions for content production. We indicate the best monitor brands, from the cheapest to the most incredible, in addition to the important features and price / quality ratio.

AOC 24B1H – good cheap monitor

The AOC monitor has a thin bezel and elegant lines.

Size | Type | Format : 24 inches | VA |
Resolution Plan : FullHD (1920 × 1080) 21: 9
Update Rate : 60 Hz
Response Time : 5 ms
Price : from 9 € on Worten

The AOC monitor is cheap and good, producing balanced colors with good saturation, in addition to good viewing angles and contrast. The 24B1H model is the cheapest you can buy without compromising on overall image quality.

With a very thin frame, the VA panel is bright enough for a 24-inch monitor, it is suitable for general use, especially work. It is adjustable in tilt, with 22 W power and HDMI and VGA connections.

LG 24MK400H – cheap gamer monitor

LG has one of the best inexpensive gaming monitors in the 24MK400H model

Size : 24 inches | TN | Flat
Resolution : FullHD (1920 × 1080) 21: 9
Refresh Rate : 75 Hz | FreeSync
Response Time : 1 ms
Price : from 109 € on Worten

The model 24MK400H from LG is a cheap and good gamer monitor, with simple lines, solid base and with features that make it suitable for games. The update rate and, above all, the low response time already guarantee fluidity when playing.

Among gaming monitors the LG solution has good features, sufficient resolution for the size and an HDMI port for connection to the monitor. It has FreeSync technology to better adjust to the update rate of the different games and scenarios.

Dell SE2416H – good and cheap monitor to work

The DELL monitor has a metallic base, elegant lines and tilt adjustment.

Size : 24 inches | IPS | Flat
Resolution : FullHD (1920 × 1080) 21: 9
Update Rate : 60 Hz
Response Time : 6 ms
Price : from 129 € on Amazon.ES

The DELL PC monitor, model SE2416H uses an IPS screen with good resolution for general use, good viewing angles and accurate color representation. It is one of the few inexpensive monitors that does not compromise on image quality.

The design is elegant, with modern lines, being built in plastic with a glossy finish. The user can adjust its inclination, having an HDMI and VGA port for connection, in addition to 250 nits of brightness and 20 watts of power.

HP 27F – good 27-inch work alternative

The HP monitor is tilt adjustable and has an extra-thin bezel.

Size : 27 inches | IPS |
Resolution Plan : FullHD (1920 × 1080) 21: 9
Update Rate : 75 Hz
Response Time : 5 ms
Price : from 173 € on Worten

The HP 27F monitor is a cheap alternative with great image quality thanks to the IPS panel, maximum brightness of 300 nits and FullHD resolution, good for general use. It has a great design with very thin frames and good build quality.

It has a power of 27 W, two HDMI ports and a VGA port, in addition to the above average refresh rate and AMD’s FreeSync technology, delivering a better viewing experience. The PC monitor is good and cheap for a variety of uses.

DELL UltraSharp U2719D – great choice for work

The DELL monitor is adjustable in orientation, inclination, rotation and height.

Size : 27 inches | IPS |
Resolution Plan : QHD (2560 × 1440) | 16: 9
Refresh Rate : 60 Hz
Response Time : 5 ms
Price : from 409 € on Amazon.ES

The UltraSharp U2719D model is not an inexpensive monitor, but it surprises with its build quality, industrial design with minimal margins and various vertical or horizontal VESA adjustment and mounting options. It is a good professional option.

It has very good resolution, 350 nits of maximum brightness and is well served by USB, HDMI connections and with great color representation. It has 99% coverage in sRGB, or 85% DCI-P3 in Rec709 for vivid colors in photos and videos.

AOC 27 4K U2790PQU – best 4K monitor for work

The AOC 27 ” 4K monitor has height adjustment and metal base.

Size | Type | Format : 27 inches | IPS | Flat
Resolution : 4K (3840 × 2160) | 16: 9
Update Rate : 60 Hz
Response Time : 5 ms
Price : from 365 € on Amazon.ES

The AOC 27 ” 4K monitor, model U2790PQU is one of the best for work, relatively accessible, with a flat IPS screen, with Quad-HD resolution (4K). The construction quality and industrial design are superb, as is the image provided.

For design work, photo and image editing, the colors are natural and reliable, with great viewing angles. It is a monitor to buy and assemble on the work desk, with VESA standard and height adjustment on the included base.

Samsung C24RG54FQU – good gaming option with curved screen

The Samsung monitor is also available in 27 inches.

Size | Type | Format : 24 inches | VA | Curved
Resolution : FullHD (1920 × 1080) | 16: 9
Refresh Rate : 144 Hz | FreeSync
Response Time : 4 ms
Price : from 207 € on Amazon.ES

Samsung is one of the best brands of PC monitors, especially with curved models. The C24RG54FQU is a good example, with 1800R curvature, 16: 9 aspect, reduced margins and good viewing angles on this gamer monitor.

It has a power of 35 W and despite not having the slowest response speed of this selection, it has several color calibration profiles for FPS, RTS, RPG, AOS games, in addition to cinema mode. The price / quality ratio is good, as is the color fidelity.

LG 29WL500 – best cheap monitor for work

The LG monitor is available in 29 or 34 inches diagonal.

Size : 29 inches | IPS | Flat
Resolution : FullHD (2560 × 1080) 21: 9
Refresh Rate : 75 Hz | FreeSync
Response Time : 5 milliseconds (ms)
Price : from 179 € on PCDiga

The 29WL500 model is the best of LG’s inexpensive general-purpose monitors. The above-average refresh rate, widescreen format and IPS screen give us very good color fidelity and viewing angles on this good and inexpensive monitor.

It has two HDMI ports, tilt adjustment and elegant lines, in addition to covering 99% of the sRGB color spectrum. Although it is not a dedicated gamer monitor, it has Radeon FreeSync technology and a dedicated game mode.

HP Omen 25 – Good alternative for Games

The gamer monitor is adjustable in tilt.

Size : 25 inches | TN | Flat
Resolution : FullHD (1920 × 1080) 16: 9
Refresh Rate : 144 Hz | FreeSync
Response Time : 1 ms
Price : from € 191 on Amazon.ES

The Omen 25 is a cheap gaming monitor from HP, with features that make it a great buy. The design is sober, with clean and well-achieved lines, in addition to the good construction and possibility of adjusting the gamer monitor with VESA standard.

We advise this inexpensive monitor for the gaming industry for its sufficient resolution, high update rate and low response time, in addition to FreeSync technology and good price / quality ratio. It is a good PC monitor if you like to play.

ASUS PG278QR ROG Swift – excellent gaming monitor for PC

The ASUS gamer monitor is available in 27, 24, 25, 34 and 35 inches.

Size | Type | Format : 27 inches | TN |
Resolution Plan : WQHD (2560 × 1440) | 16: 9
Refresh Rate : 165 Hz | G-Sync
Response Speed : 1 ms
Price : from 499 € on PCDiga

The AS27 ROG PG278QR model is one of the best gaming monitors with 2K resolution, high refresh rate, low response time and G-Sync technology for fluid action. The design is markedly gamer , with good build quality.

It has HDMI, USB 3.0, DisplayPort and headphone jack, being adjustable in tilt, height, articulation and pivot . It can be mounted on VESA supports, being equipped with a solid base with red accents and its own branding .

Acer XB Predator XB271HU – best image quality for games

The Acer gamer monitor is available with 24, 27, 32 and 28 inches diagonal.

Size | Type | Format : 27 inches | IPS |
Resolution Plan : WQHD (2560 × 1440) | 16: 9
Refresh Rate : 165 Hz | G-Sync
Response Time : 4 ms
Price : from 499 € on Amazon.ES

The Acer gaming PC monitor that surprises the most is the XB Predator XB271HU model . The construction is solid and the design aggressive with highlights, angular lines and height adjustment, inclination, pivot and swivel base with VESA standard.

When using an IPS screen, response time is slower, but it has the best viewing angles, accurate colors and great contrast, in addition to G-Sync technology and high refresh rate. 2K resolution also makes it a good buy, not just for games.

AOC 27G2U – best 27 ” gaming monitor

The 27 ” AOC monitor is adjustable in tilt, pivot, rotation and height.

Size | Type | Format : 27 inches | IPS |
Resolution Plan : FHD (1920 × 1080) | 16: 9
Refresh Rate : 144 Hz | FreeSync
Response Time : 1 ms
Price : from € 249 on Amazon.ES

The 27-inch AOC monitor uses an IPS panel for the best image quality, accurate color representation and great viewing angles. The 27G2U model is a great buy, being relatively inexpensive and good value for money.

The update rate is high, with low response time, several adjustments and the VESA standard. The design is aggressive with red highlights and sharp angles, with a solid build quality and very small margins.

ASUS ROG Strix XG49VQ – incredible curved gaming monitor

The gamer monitor can be adjusted in height, tilt and rotation.

Size : 49 inches | VA | Curved
Resolution : FHD (3840 × 1080) | 32: 9
Refresh Rate : 144 Hz | FreeSync 2
Response Time : 4 ms
Price : from 899 € on Amazon.ES

The ROG Strix XG49VQ monitor is a dream come true for players with an unlimited budget. The VA screen gives us a great balance between the refresh rate and response time, with already faithful colors and very satisfactory viewing angles.

The highlight is the 49 inches of this gamer monitor , suitable for those who have, for example, two screens juxtaposed and are looking for a solution without the central partition. It has the latest FreeSync 2 technology for greater fluidity in games.

LG UltraWide 34WK95U – best monitor for creating content

LG 34
The curved monitor from LG is adjustable in tilt, height and VESA standard.

Size : 34 inches | IPS | Curved
Resolution : 5K (5120 × 2160) | 21: 9
Refresh Rate : 60 Hz
Response Time : 5 ms
Price : from 1199 € on PCDiga

LG has the best 34-inch curved monitor for video editing, photography and other visual arts work. The 34WK95U model fits into the UltraWide segment with more viewing space and multitasking .

The highlight goes to the IPS screen with great color fidelity and to the 5K resolution, being indicated for those who work with Ultra-HD videos and high resolution images. The PC monitor covers 98% of the DCI-P3 color spectrum.

LG 38WK95C-W – great UltraWide alternative

The LG PC monitor is adjustable in height, tilt and VESA standard base.

Size : 38 inches | IPS | Curved
Resolution : WQHD + (3840 × 1600) | 21: 9
Refresh Rate : 75 Hz | FreeSync
Response Time : 5 ms
Price : from 1399 € on PCDiga

The 38WK95C model with 38 inches and QHD resolution stands out for its IPS display with HDR10 support and for the UltraWide format for more productivity. Color fidelity is great, as are the viewing angles, making it great for work.

It is easy to set up and adjust, it has HDMI and USB Type C inputs to connect, for example, a MacBook and the build quality is noteworthy. It is a good buy for a workstation, capable of maximizing multitasking.

LG UltraWide 49WL95C – best monitor for work with 49 ”

The curved monitor from LG is adjustable in tilt and height.

Size : 49 inches | IPS LCD | Curved
Resolution : QHD (5120 × 1440) | 32: 9
Update Rate : 60 Hz
Response Time : 5 ms
Price : from 1299 € on PCDiga

The ultimate exponent for video editors, photographers and creatives is the model 49WL95C from LG. The Super UltraWide format with 49 allows to extend the setup, being a substitute for those who have two juxtaposed monitors. It is a PC monitor for work.

With good build quality and careful design, you have two HDMI ports, a USB Type-C port and a Display Port. The highlight goes to color fidelity, automatic brightness control and HDR10 standard for greater work efficiency.

There are 4 main types of LCD screens

TN ( twisted nematic ). They are the cheapest panels, have the fastest response time and the lowest input lag . On the other hand, it has weak viewing angles, poor image quality and less faithful colors.

VA ( vertical alignment ). They have better contrast, more vibrant colors and are cheaper. On the other hand, the image quality is below the IPS panels, have some ghosting in games and some problems with viewing angles.

IPS (in-plane switching). They have better image quality, better viewing angles and more accurate and accurate colors. On the other hand, they have the longest response time and are more expensive than the VA and TN panels.

OLED ( organic light emitting diode ). They have the best contrast, the best image quality and vivid, accurate and faithful colors. However, they can burn-in on the screen, are extremely expensive and there are few OLED monitors for PC.

All these types of LCD screens presented above have LED lighting so it is important to know the differences between the various implementations in order to find the monitor that meets the quality you are looking for.

See table and find the best PC monitor

PerformanceFast. Shorter response times,
Higher refresh rate,
Less motion blur,
Less input delay.
Slow. Generally high response time,
High refresh rate.
Response time shorter than TN, but longer than VA,
Rarely have a good update rate for games.
ScreenWorse viewing angles,
Worse color representation.
Viewing angles higher than TN, but lower than IPS,
Good color representation,
Better contrast,
Better color saturation.
Better viewing angles,
Better color representation.
PricesCheapestWide range of prices, the most expensive can perform similar to TNThe most expensive
Optimal useGamingGeneral / mixed-useProfessional / Edition
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