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Augmented Reality came to Google with 3D animals


The next time you search for certain animals on the Google app, you’ll have access to a 3D model of that animal, which you can see on your phone. If your phone is compatible with augmented reality, you can project the animal through the camera and see it ‘live’ and in color.

There is a panoply of animals available such as a crocodile, shark, lion, horse and the famous tiger. Google will in the future add more creatures to this role.

How to know if your phone is compatible

For your phone to support augmented reality in Google search, it must essentially comply with these parameters:

  • Have Android Nougat 7.0 or later versions
  • If it’s iPhone, just have iOS 11 or later versions
  • Originating with the Google Play Store
  • Internet access to update Google AR

In case you have doubts, Google has a list of some devices compatible with augmented reality.

How to use augmented reality to see animals

First, open Google search and look for a compatible animal like a wolf, for example.

wolf core

Tap “View in 3D”

You will be taken to a page that shows you the animal as an object, where you can manipulate its viewing angles.

wolf core 2

Play where it says “AR”

From here, just point the camera at the scene you want and the animal will materialize through your camera. The creature will make some moves to make the experience more realistic.

wolf ccore 3

You can also take a photo of the animal in the chosen space. The selfie function is not yet available as the camera needs to detect a relatively empty space without obstructions, so that it can project the animal.

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